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Ghost Recon Online @ Dreamhack Summer

Sweden... Here we come!

DreamHack Summer 2013 is finally upon us and even though it is at the last minute, we are eager and glad to announce that we shall play our part in it! Starting on Saturday the 16th of June, in the remote city of Jönköping, Sweden, we shall find ourselves once again surrounded by the worlds best gamers and we shall give each one of them a chance to test their skills at our Tom Clancy title. We shall encounter painful defeats as well as marvelous victories which time itself will cast into its hall of fame. Our part will involve taking in representatives of several clans which will test their luck in Ghost Recon Online and ascend through the leader-boards while at the same time gaining incredible prizes from our sponsors at Razer.

If you will be present at Dreamhack Summer, then you may inscribe yourself starting now on our forums with your team name as well as the names of your members. 

Each team will be comprised of 4 players per side.

Are you going to be there by yourself? No worries, You can also sing up and we will pair you up with other people in the same situation!

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Will you join the fight? 

Click Here to sign up on our forums!

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