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UbiSpectre on Lag and Latency

Small update from the perspective of the GRO Community Ninja

Hi everyone,

UbiSpectre here – your GRO Community Developer. The reason why I'm surfacing now after all these years of being a professional ninja (at least I think I am) is because I feel your pain and I want to talk to you about the lag and latency problems some of you are experiencing.

Every day, I read through the GRO forums, social media channels, community emails, and wherever else. I also talk to your Community Managers on a regular basis regarding your concerns. I channel all the sentiments you express to our developers, in addition to the community feedback they read on their own. I know for a fact that they're aware of what you're going through.

The Lag and latency problem is the main priority for everyone and I'm waving a huge "this has to be fixed" flag around every day for you. Our Tech guys created a team exclusively to resolve this issue. I donned my ninja outfit and joined them to make sure your voices are heard.

They have identified a lot of possible sources of the problem, such as: the volume of server usage, issues caused by seeding the client (thanks to the users who pointed this out in the forums), conflicts with the last patch, user locations and others. We’re investigating each of these one at a time.

20130614 - Lag and Latency

I took this picture using my stealth abilities. EMEA = Europe and NCSA = North and Central America.

Issues with network connectivity performance exist in all online games. The effort to curb this problem will never end as we keep on improving your gameplay experience. I'll continue to lurk in the shadows for you to grab more news on the lag problem discreetly. Actually the developers don't mind sharing some of the details, but I can't be blamed for my professionalism as a ninja.

Until then, hang in there. We're solving this and rest assured: You voices are heard. I'll make sure of that. My next mission? Abduct a dev for more information. I shall return next week with an update, so keep in touch.


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