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The Road Ahead Part 2

Important info you should know about upcoming changes
Previously we announced the first of several economic changes in Ghost Recon Online. The initial change was an adjustment to the XP curve made on June 12th, which helped all users to level up faster. Starting July 10th, we will make important changes to both RP and GC prices for our entire store.

GC prices will now be 40% lower across the board. Additionally, you’ll now be able to purchase RP with GC. This means that if you’re hoping to buy that special item for 15,000RP but only have 12,000, you can use GC to buy the RP difference in new RP packages. Other items, such as the Mystery box or grenade crates, will have the same GC price.

As a reward for playing hard, you’ll now earn roughly 10% more RP in every match you play. Just like before, you’ll receive a reward for your first daily win, but now with a smaller amount of RP. The two changes together are designed to reward team play and players who keep up the fight longer.

To help ensure that new players don’t have an advantage over veterans, RP prices will increase for most low and mid-level weapons; however, the prices for high-tier weapons will remain roughly the same. Here is a list of the new RP/GC prices:

RP-GC Change Table V2

All of these changes help keep the GRO economy healthy and allow us to keep making the game better and better.

Thank you for your support and for making the community what it is today.

Corey Facteau

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