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Gamers Vs DEVs - Results

Find out who came out on top in the epic battles between the DEVs and the community!

The Gamers VS DEVs event has come to an end, and many intense battles were fought. We would like to thank the community for the amazing challenges that they provided the DEVs.We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. To all the clans who took part, thank you so much for taking time out to play with us and we hoped you had fun too!

Here are the results of the matches with the EMEA and NCSA clans:


DEV vs tAG : DEV

D3V vs FcT : FcT

DEV vs D^R : DEV

D3V vs wiN : wiN

North America

DEV vs PhX : PhX

D3V vs LTX : D3V

DEV vs NiS : NiS

D3V vs BAF : D3V 

We realize that the lineup for the NCSA clans differed slightly to the original annoncement, this is due to confusion with the time zones or clans pulling out. Special thanks to the spontaneous clans who agreed to step in on their behalf!

As a token of our appreciation, we’ll be awarding the players who took part in the games with a small "thank you" containing RP, grenades, inserts and a rare avatar.

Look out for more events like this coming to you in the near future!

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