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0.12.4 Release Notes

Updates included in Patch 0.12.4

Key Changes

  • New Tier 8 weapons are available in store
  • "Flinch" issue addressed


  • The new tier 8 weapons and bundles are available in store. 


  • The flinch values for all weapons have been standardized and are now reduced to a more manageable level. Flinch was sufficiently high to cause problems in close quarters combat beyond initial design intentions and the 2x flinch on SMGs was especially problematic. For consistent gameplay feedback, the flinch values are now standardized. Flinch values are now capped at 100 damage and a minimum of 1 damage regardless of ammo type. For example, a sniper rifle round will induce more flinch on a hit than a shotgun pellet. Regardless of latency, players will experience a significantly reduced flinch for most weapons.
  • The Pentagun shell ejection has been disabled.


  • The bolt handle now moves when reloading the CBJ-MS


The following issues have been fixed:

  • Collision changes were made in Balaklava Submarine Pen to prevent players from entering an opposing team's spawn area via the bridge
  • The floating E4 decal in point E of Tomsk-9 was removed
  • The Recon's IR color will no longer turn green when a player is transitioning into cloak
  • Missing layers in the visual effects of grenade explosions can now be seen
  • The reload animation of the CBJ-MS SP GRFS has been polished to appropriately show the bolt handle when the player reloads
  • The telemetry graphs are now fully displayed
  • The news feeds in the new-user launcher will correctly show specific combinations of OS and IE
  • The launcher no longer shows empty Eula text
  • The Device names for fresh-install content for the French, German and Polish languages in the launcher are no longer misaligned
  • The download checkbox in the launcher no longer flickers when downloading a patch
  • The launcher now displays the correct installation status when downloading a minor patch
  • The launcher progress bar now displays “Connecting…” instead of “-“ when the launcher initially searches for peers  


  • The basic and moving durations of CLOAK actually last 1 or 2 seconds less than their descriptions state
  • The AMM allows more than 4 players of the same class into a normal match
  • Occasionally, players cannot complete the solo challenge, "A SOLDIER NEVER QUITS". However, they can still complete the challenge by playing on other maps
  • HEAT damage begins at 1 even when the Focus Array has been equipped

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