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Second cup has been played. Find out more!

35 Teams have signed up for the 2nd Cup of the ESL GRO Cup Series. This meant a free ticket for the next round for the majority. We just had one national pairing with two Polish Teams in the second round. Team UNDERWORLD won versus APOGEUM.PL, but they lost their match in the third round versus the Italian team Hells Guardians. We had another national pairing with the German Teams GhostAcademy and READY2ROLL. R2R won the match with 10-0. This and all other R2R Matches are available at their clanpage as video. But the half-final was the final destination, they lost against the Cup #1 Winner ruN. The best French Team in this Cup was Ghost Terrible 3, they reached the quarter-final, but they lost it against cfc. None of the Polish Teams reached the round of the last 8. Here's the final overview of the winners:


Thanks to all teams for their participation.

And don't forget to sign up for the 3rd Cup!

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