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Check out the new map, Splinter Cell pack and more!

Update 0.13.0 is here and with it comes the new Splinter Cell pack, the brand-new Conquest map, Khyber Stronghold, and more changes including the new Gifting feature.

Fourth Echelon and Ghost Recon are teaming up to bring you the Splinter Cell Pack with Sam Fisher helmets, armor and weapons. Find out what happened after the Battle of Xinyi in the 13.0 trailer: “The New Frontier”

Grab a Splinter Cell crate to get your Splinter Cell gear today. Splinter Cell individual weapons and bundles will be available in store at a later date.  

Learn the strategic ins and outs of the latest and largest conquest map: Khyber Stronghold in the new map tutorial.

Want to share the Splinter Cell fun or other items with your friends and clan mates? Use the new Gifting feature to buy and send select items to your friends such as the TRT, DPM and now Splinter Cell weapons.  

Find out all of the fixes and changes in the 0.13.0 patch notes.

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