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ESL Go4GRO Cup Week 3 Review

Find out how week 3 went, and who made it to the finals!

With the dust settling after a fantastic weekend of competitive Ghost Recon Online games, it’s time to take a moment to review the highs and lows of the 3rd Cup in the ESL Go4GRO Cup Series. 

Cup number 3 got off to a fantastic start, with 42 teams stepping up to be counted as one of Ghost Recon Online’s strongest clans. That’s 17% increase in the number of teams signing up to compete. It’s fantastic to see the competitive appetite within the Ghost Recon Online community continuing to grow! If you haven’t already signed up for a cup, this weekend’s upcoming cup is the perfect opportunity, do you think that you have what it takes to compete? Sign up now 

The good news for new teams just keeps on coming. Team Respect, a Polish team who placed in 33rd position in the 2nd cup, clearly buckled down and practiced as they rose up through the ranks and placed fourth overall; only succumbing to the relentless onslaught of the French finalists, Securities Exchange Commission.  

One relatively early match-up of particular note was that of the German team READY2ROLL vs Swedish team Wellox E-Sports. R2R placed 3rd in the second Go4GRO cup, and were hotly favoured to beat the Swedes. You should never underestimate ChrilleKorean and his team though, as they battled it out across two maps to force a 3rd game on Balaklava. Although it was a close game, R2R eventually came out victorious in that encounter, and moved on to the quarter final.  

Hot on the heels of their success against the Swedes, R2R moved through to the quarter finals where they found themselves in a repeat of their semi-finals match from the second cup. Their opponents were none other than ruN and Die Tired, who proved to be too tough to overcome.  

Having already spoken of Team Respect’s semi-final match-up, we move on to the second semi-final in which we find European contenders Casual Fragging Crew, facing off against team ruN. Having already seen this match-up in the Go4GRO series, we can say that this is quickly becoming a Go4GRO highlight whenever it occurs. ruN eventually won, but we're sure that cfc is already working on new tactics for their next clash! 

And then we come to the final; Securities Exchange Commission Vs ruN and Die Tired. This was SeC’s first foray into the finals, and despite their most valiant efforts, veteran finalists ruN managed to win in two rounds straight. Still, SeC’s rise to power should be seen as an inspiration to anyone considering taking part in ESL’s Go4GRO Cup series; Team SeC managed to rise from placing 34th in the 1st cup, to 15th in the second, and 2nd in the 3rd Cup. That is fantastic progress and shows just how high a committed team can rise!


Congratulations to everyone involved! We hope you all enjoyed last weekend’s 3rd Go4GRO cup, and that you’ll sign up again for the 4th cup to be in with a chance of winning €200! Signups for the 4th cup are already open, gather your team together and follow this link to commit to the cup now!

P.S: Did you stream or record your cup match? Do you plan to do it for Cup #4? Send a PM to [CM] Silvanoshi (EN), [CM] Extatiq (FR), [CM] LelandGaunt (DE) or [CM]Wrumir (PL) by the end of Sunday and we might be able to highlight some of your gameplay! 

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