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Corey's Open Letter

Check out what Ghost Recon Online's producer has to say!

Hi Ghosts, 

I’m Corey Facteau, the Producer of Ghost Recon Online. Since I took over as Producer, we’ve had a busy summer with the new tier system, a new map, new packs, new UI, new Phantom enemies, competitions and tough challenges, such as lag, exploits and hacking. Through it all we’ve secured valuable ground for GRO’s future. 


It’s hard to keep track of it all and I know you have a lot of you have questions, so I want to take some time out today to explain a bit about all of the major things going on, including: recent changes, the next steps, your feedback and the ATHENA Council, the ESL tournament, challenges and our plans for the future. 

With all the changes we’ve made lately some ask: Why the new tier system? Simply put: The tier system brought us what we needed most: A healthy and balanced economy. A balanced economy not only allows GRO to keep growing, but also allows us to continue solving the issues that GRO faces. Thanks to these changes, the economy stays healthy and every non-cosmetic item remains accessible with time. Whether you’re a supporting player who wants to boost your teammates, or a gun collector; it’s simply a matter of prioritizing your item choices as you progress. Is it a perfect system? Not yet, but it’s better and will continue to get better with your feedback. 

Following the tier system, we’ll be taking a closer look at our entire weapon system and adjusting our armor system. When it comes to weapon balancing, our design team carefully monitors the game play and your feedback to optimize the experience for everyone, but remember: Every adjustment has its design reasons and no stat change is ever set in stone. Right now we’re also exploring a new armor system and changing the way inserts work. (We know how much you guys LOVE the current inserts, but it’s time for them to go).

Shifting to the new tier system provided us a great opportunity to get a lot of your feedback. We know how much you care about GRO and your feedback shows it, which is why we’ve improved the way we handle your feedback. Talking to you as the community and as players helps us to understand what GRO needs and where we can improve.  

Taking this idea one step further, we’re creating a new committee of carefully selected gamers and developers called the ATHENA Council. Anyone can apply to join the council, but we’ll only accept a handful of people, based on strict criteria and screening. We’ll sit down regularly with this exclusive group to get your perspective as players and together we’ll build a better GRO. This is another important step that will lead to the future of GRO. 

What is the future of GRO? It starts with the first-ever official GRO tournament. Together with the Electronic Sports League (ESL), we’re launching two months of intense clan action, where everyone is welcome and cash prizes are given out weekly. This is also a great way for us to get your vision for the future of GRO competition. Please keep giving us your feedback to help us to make that vision a reality! 

For all our red-ping friends, don’t worry: We didn’t forget about you (here in Singapore we’re red-pingers too). We’re working to bring everyone up to speed with future updates and competitions. In the meantime, we’re happy to support fan-made tournaments as far as we can. The ESL tournament is only the beginning of GRO competition and it came with its own set of hurdles. We know that there’s a lot of concern about cheating during the tournament, but I assure you that we are ready to strictly enforce our zero-tolerance policy with our ban hammer. Hacking and exploits are only a few of the challenges that we’re currently facing, but we’re working to address all of them. As we tackle these issues we’ll keep you informed every step of the way with a regular series of articles outlining the different issues, our progress as well as how you can help us to resolve them faster. 

In addition to fighting these evils and pursing GRO competition, we’re revamping core elements of our game, such as matchmaking, to improve the overall experience. Our lobby will see some big changes to help encourage team play and coordination before a match even starts, thanks to improved chat features and more. We’re also creating a new pass system to give players a monthly way to get the gear they need.  

This has truly been a long, tough Open Beta and it has given us just what wanted: Extremely valuable feedback to help us make a game that we can be proud of. All of the steps I mentioned above bring us closer to fully releasing GRO and giving it the traffic it deserves. 

Enjoy the first tournament; don’t forget to sign up your clan today! 

Good luck and have fun, 

Corey Facteau

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