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ESL Go4GRO Cup Week 4 Review

Find out how week 4 went, and who made it to the finals!

As the final echoes of the last bullet case dropping to the ground ring off of crumbling walls, it’s time to review the results of ESL’s 4th Go4GRO Cup!

Once again we saw plenty of teams signing up to have a ton of fun on Sunday afternoon. Some simply signed up to have a good laugh with friends, while others hoped to demonstrate their prowess against the top teams in Europe.  The competition pool continued to grow this week as 45 teams signed up in total, with a healthy mix of teams from all around the continent. With 45 teams already participating, will you and your friends be the first to take Ghost Recon Online past 50? Even if you’ve never played in a competitive environment before, you can have a lot of fun participating in ESL, so sign up now

As competition commenced we saw team gAs, (who placed 4th in both the first and second cup, but finished 23rd in the 3rd) get off to a flying start in their first round match vs Polish team Hell’s Angels. team gAs continued their European tour in round two, facing off against German side Bands of Brothers who put up a fantastic fight, but ultimately fell just short of the final mark. That meant that team gAs had just one team to beat before marching into the quarter finals. That team was French stalwarts Galvanized-Iron. Despite their best efforts, the team of heavy metal heavyweights didn’t quite have the mass to move past team gAs, who secured their position in the quarterfinals. 

Elsewhere in round one, we saw two of Germany’s finest teams face off against each other; READY2ROLL, who have steadily placed in the top 10 since the launch of the Go4GRO series, vs Taktiks Esport. R2R carried their solid form from previous cups through to Cup #4, beating Taktiks Esports in a hard-fought series. 

The second round demonstrated just how strong Ghost Recon Online’s Polish teams are. 7 of the 32 teams who made it through to round 2 were Polish, with two Polish duels taking place in this bracket. Teams Zero Tolerance Squad and Rainbow TeddyBears managed to come out on top in their respective national face-offs progressing through to the third round. 

In what has become somewhat of a staple of the Go4GRO Series, Casual Fragging Crew faced off against team ruN and Die Tired for the fourth consecutive cup! There’s no love lost between these two teams, with ruN coming out victorious each time. However with this week’s match being the closest to date, it’s plain to see that CFC are improving. Two questions remain; will these two teams meet in Go4GRO cup #5, and will CFC finally have what it takes to beat ruN!?

Having made their way to the quarter finals, Zero Tolerance Squad has already shown that Cup#4 is going to be particularly bountiful for them. Despite the fact that they had recently lost two fantastic players in gunior and badoomboom, they were able to pull out two wins against READY2ROLL to move through to the semi-finals.

With R2R out of the running, Germany had just one hopeful team remaining. Team Raindrop (DRP), a well-established team within the community, had finally thrown their hat into the ring. They didn’t disappoint either, as they beat French side Delta Banshee to move through to the semi-finals. team gAs once again took two wins, this time against Russian side Cheaters must Die.

In what has been one of the closest semi-finals to date, Team Raindrop took Zero Tolerance Squad 3:3 on Korolyov and 6:4 on Tomsk9. This meant that despite 0TS’s best efforts, DRP just about managed to make it to the final. In the second semi-final ruN took two rounds off of team gAs to make it to the final. 

With the semi-finals out of the way, the next match up was that for third and fourth position. 0TS just about managed to edge out team gAs 2:1 in another extremely close match to take third position. 

The finals saw Team Raindrop face off against ruN. Despite their best efforts, Team Raindrop were unable to complete the dream entrance to the Go4GRO series by taking first position, ruN were simply unbeatable on the day. Still, we’re sure that both teams are happy with their own performance. 


Congratulations to everyone involved! We hope you all enjoyed last weekend’s 4th Go4GRO cup, and that you’ll sign up again for the 5th cup to be in with a chance of winning €200! Signups for the 5th cup are already open, gather your team together and follow this link to commit to the cup now!

P.S: Did you stream or record your cup match? Do you plan to do it for Cup #5? Send a PM to [CM] Silvanoshi (EN), [CM] Extatiq (FR), [CM] LelandGaunt (DE) or [CM]Wrumir (PL) by the end of Sunday and we might be able to highlight some of your gameplay!

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