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ATHENA Armory Access and Tier 7 Variants

Get the facts on the AAA store and the new Tier 7 Variants

On October 9th we unveiled the ATHENA Armory and with it the AAA Pass. While we have already instated the first members, we have also received some questions and concerns that we wish to address. 

The key advantage of AAA membership is early access to new items in addition to other perks, such as: XP/RP boosts, additional storage slots and special cosmetic items. 

All non-cosmetic items that appear in the AAA store will arrive in the regular store shortly after or were already in the regular store, which means that every item is available to everyone in the long run. 

Last week we announced the sale of never-before seen Tier 7 variants in the AAA Member Store. These new variants provide players with more options to better suit their play style. Available currently in the AAA Store to those who have unlocked Tier 7, these guns are available for both RP as well as GC and will be available three weeks from now in the regular store. 

Check out their stats below: 


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