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DEV Q&A - Economy & Gameplay

Christian and Mark answer to your questions.


1. Why do we receive such little RP for selling back weapons?

This is designed to encourage building a collection of guns, rather than focusing on one at a time and routinely selling them. Different guns have different uses in different situations, which allow you to be more flexible within matches when an enemy team changes strategy mid-game.

2. Why are previously shared weapons now restricted to specific classes?

With the level-unlock system, it was possible to share weapons between classes once the appropriate level was reached. The restrictions were put in place in order to prevent players from unlocking higher-tier weapons in one class and using them in another class that does not yet have access to them, because it would break the tier system..

3. How often will you be bringing back limited-edition weapons and armor?

We re-release limited-edition weapons and armor frequently and will increase the frequency in the coming months, while keeping you updated regularly.

4. Is there any possibility that the amount of GC earned will be increased for the monthly missions?

Although there is no plan to raise the reward per mission, we do have plans to add more missions per month..

5. Why is the loot drop chance so low?

The potential value of the items received in loot is very high. We are still working on a new loot system and won't change the current drop rate until we have the new one.

6. Will the level cap be increased?

Tier 8 was recently introduced and no we have not increased the level cap; however, we do have plans to raise the cap in the future.


1. Are you planning to add moving targets to the shooting range?

There are a lot of improvements we'd love to make to the shooting range and moving targets are at the top of that list. Other improvements include adding scenarios to test devices, a larger "playground" area to explore and perhaps even a timed obstacle course. However there's no date on when these will be implemented, so don't expect them any time soon.

2. Will there be other match goals, i.e disarming a bomb, getting a VIP to X location? Why not create a new game mode such as capture the flag or king of the hill?

There are no current plans for new game modes, but they're never out of the question and we're open to suggestions! The core of GRO gameplay is team-based frontline combat, so any new mode would have to encourage these things.

3. Will there be maps where action takes place in the night and darkness?

Of the map designs in the pipeline, one is set at night. Night maps are fun to design because we can experiment with the contrast of light and shadows. However we don't want maps that are too dark and where players are too difficult to see. We want maps that keep the focus on team strategies, not individuals hiding in shadows and dark corners.

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