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Ubispectre Anti-Cheat Update

Learn about our new measures & policy against FSB exploiters
Hi Ghosts,

Ubispectre here once again with an update on one of the most pressing issues in GRO: Forms of cheating that are being associated with FSB exploit. We know this has been the bane of many Ghosts’ existences and a great big fart on all of our fun. We’re back from the darkness to declare war on exploiters.

FSB exploit refers to the overclocking of the Front Side Bus in a way that impacts the client in order to intentionally gain an unfair advantage in game. It's basically a form of speed abuse and using another program to achieve the same results falls under the same exploit category. This is considered an offense and a means to manipulate the system.

We have built a solution that includes an accurate method of detection. Equipped with this system, we are set to implement an additional speed exploit policy: all users detected as FSB exploiters will be banned.

We are taking a hard stance against cheating and we are preparing the banhammer for battle.  

This is only the beginning of our anti-exploit efforts. We will implement more preventive measures in the future. Armed with the information we receive from exploiters and non-exploiters alike, we’ll continue to fight cheating and ensure a better experience for everyone.

Stay tuned for the next update from yours truly on exploits and I’ll see you in-game!

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