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Up Your Game – Tactical Teams

Ninth edition of tips & tricks to help you get ahead in GRO

In update 0.14.2 we released a new feature known as: Tactical Teams (or tac. team). These are groups of 2-4 players within a squad, which are formed automatically to facilitate group tactics and improve team coordination. 

Tac. teams are designed to encourage players to stick closer together and strategize their movements. This is especially for those who wouldn’t normally create fireteams. Tac. teams provide their members with extended cross-com links (the blue or green lines attached to squad mates) as well as provide a 10-meter bonus to Squad Supports.


Harden Armor boosts squad members up to 15 meters away and tac. team members up to 25 meters away.

If you enter a public match in a fireteam, you will all be assigned to the same tac. team, but you can move between tac. teams during a match. You can choose to change tac. teams within the respawn screen, with up to four teams total:

  • Whiskey (W)
  • X-Ray (X)
  • Yankee (Y)
  • Zulu (Z)


Use these tac. team designations to coordinate your squad’s movement. If you’re defending or attacking on an Onslaught map you can coordinate who covers which point or which team moves in to backstabbing. Tac. teams are especially useful for clan matches, where you previously were unable to use fireteams.

This is only the first iteration of tactical teams and more updates are in the works, such as advanced scoring or tactical insertion. Sync up with your tac. team and up your game today.

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