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Gun Score and Rebalancing

We're taking measure to improve gun balance

Armed with over two years of beta knowledge, your feedback and quantitative data, we’re ready to unleash some exciting changes to almost ALL weapons in GRO in the coming update 0.14.5 on Thursday. Below we explain our rebalancing goal, our new weapon evaluation system, armor piercing, global weapon changes and individual weapon changes.  


Like any rebalancing, our objective is to provide an enjoyable experience for all three classes. We started this process by examining what worked and what didn’t. Previously it was believed that damage per second (DPS) was the easiest way to communicate a gun’s performance. As a result, moving up through the Tiers didn’t always feel like progress. To remedy this, we devised a new system to provide a more rounded weapon-evaluation system: the “Gun Score.” The rebalance raises the performance of specific Tiers up to an even standard, which provides a better experience across the board every time you move up in Tier.

Gun Score
DPS will be replaced in the weapon stat display with our new “Gun Score” – a performance-based score which increases in line with the tier progression. This score combines various stats and compares them against the best armor configuration possible: Assault, Tier 5 Titan + Harden Mk II +5 toughness inserts. The equation produces a number from 0-10 with 8.6 being the current highest score.


The complete Gun Score equation involves variables not currently displayed within the weapon stats along with special multipliers. Here is a rough summary:

Gun Score is calculated based on the weapon’s stats, damage falloff and armor piercing capability compared to the best possible armor configuration.

With the Gun Score we’re able to provide a stable means of measuring each gun’s performance, rebalance all weapons and ensure that each class’s weaponry remains competitive at each tier.

Armor piercing

Armor piercing has always been a component of GRO gameplay that wasn’t displayed in the past, but will also see important changes. To rebalance the entire system we’re adding additional armor piercing capability to relevant guns, based on a rough representation of the ammo each would use in the real world (e.g. 12.7, 5.56, 9mm and 7.62). The following chart shows the buff each ammo type receives as well as which guns are impacted.


Using the Gun Score allowed us to see that the shotgun performance progression was not working as intended – each tier was not better the previous one.


Global Changes

Based on your feedback and extensive internal testing we were able to identify ways to improve weapons, armor and armor upgrades. Here is a breakdown of changes based on weapon class and specific components.

Sniper Rifle: Increasing the headshot multiplier from 1.7 to 2.0

SMG: Improved hip-fire accuracy, increased damage and damage over distance

Hand gun: Increased damage and hip-fire accuracy

Silencers: Increased damage for all weapons using silencers

SP variants: Improved accuracy for select SP variants (Mk 3, MG4, PP-19, 6P41)

SD variants: Increased damage on select SD variants (M1014, KPS-12, SPAS-12)

Burst modes: Reduced burst mode recoil values by 30%

Individual Changes

Assault Rifle

II - As-Val Increased mag size from 20-30 and 30-40

VI - AR-21 Reduced recoil

VII - F2000 Increased damage

VIII - Mk 17 Reduced recoil and increased ammo pool for extended mag

Hand gun

III - TR-1 Increased damage and ROF from 430 to 450

VI - Redhawk Increased damage

VIII - 45T Increased damage and reduced recoil

IX - M29 Increased ammo pool and damage


I - Mk 5 Given additional armor pierce capability

II - M96 Increased rate of fire on the slower firing variants

IV - L86 Increased rate of fire on the slower firing variants

V - MG4 Reduced recoil and increased damage

VIII - Mk 48 Reduced recoil and ready time


I - M500 Standardized magazine sizes across all variants

IV - M1014 Significantly increased damage, increased accuracy and standardized magazine sizes between variants

V - NS2000 Standardized magazine sizes across all variants

VII - KPS-12 Significantly increased damage

VIII - SPAS-12 GRFS Adjusted damage drop off to reduce effectiveness over 20 meters

IX - M3A1 Significantly increased damage and raised ROF floor from 180 to 190


III - PP-2000 Increased magazine size and ROF for standard and stealth variants

IV - MP7 Increased damage and magazine size

V - PP-19 Increased damage and magazine size

VI - MP9 Reduced recoil and increased damage

VII - P90 Reduced recoil

VIII - CBJ-MS Reduced ready time for drum magazine

Sniper Rifle

IX - M14 Reduced recoil and increased accuracy as well as increased damage

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