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0.14.5 Release Notes

Check out GRO's latest additions & changes!

Update 0.14.5 introduces plenty of tweaks and additions to Ghost Recon Online including standard Tier 9 weapons, Beginner's Playlist Tweaks, Matchmaking tweaks, ABI, and more!


  • New weapons and armor
  • Default scope for all stock weapons
  • Beginner’s Playlist limit raised
  • Matchmaking improvements
  • Athena Battlefield Intelligence (ABI)
  • Spawn Behavior
  • Map Updates
  • Field Support slot
  • AAA Improvements
  • Gun Score and weapon rebalance
  • Class Management 
  • Chat Window Upgrades
  • Menu User Interface visual overhaul

NEW Weapons and Armor

  • Tier 9 standard variants available in the store
  • Tier 5 standard armor (Hermes and Titan) available in the store

Default Scope for all Stock Weapons

  • All stock weapons (except for shotguns) in the shop now come with a default scope
Beginner's Playlist Limit Raised
  • The level limit for beginners has been raised from level 4 to 6. When a character reaches level 7 their status is no longer ‘Beginner’
Matchmaking Improvements
  • A New search progress bar in the match lobby indicates the expanding search criteria which provides:
    • More transparency with the matchmaking behavior
    • Players with an understanding of when to reset their match search should they want to searching within specific parameters
  • Match search criteria is stricter during the initial phase of searching and increasingly lenient thereafter, in order to to improve search-time consistency
ATHENA Battlefield Intelligence (ABI) 
  • Introducing an in-game announcer system that reports useful events and activities during a match
  • Currently only available in English audio
  • Subtitles for the ABI announcements appear in a player's chat window
  • ABI options are available under the AUDIO section of the options menu (including the off switch)
Spawn Behavior 
  • Players must now click the [BASE] button at the bottom right of the respawn screen instead of pressing SPACEBAR to spawn
  • While waiting for the spawn wave timer, click once on the [BASE] button to automatically spawn when the timer reaches 0
  • A 5-second delay has been added to the initial spawn of each round
Map Updates
  • New tactical map for the Xinyi District added to improve visibility
  • Tactical map in the Respawn screen now defaults to a top-down view
  • Map view adjusts automatically to maximize the display of the path from the spawn base to the objective
Field Support Slots
  • A new loadout slot entitled "Field Support" has been added for future consumable items
  • Field Support items provide additional tactical options for the player and the player’s team
  • Field Support usage is limited by a cool-down timer displayed in the slot when the item is used
  • Field Support items will be available for purchase under Consumables > Field Support (for RP and GC) once available
  • Field Support items are coming soon
AAA Improvements
  • Armor is automatically repaired after each round at no extra charge
  • 100% weapon-proficiency boost (weapon proficiency increase two times faster) until AAA boost end
Default GC and Master Switch
  • All items selection defaults to GC for purchase
  • A New master switch has been added to switch payment between GC or RP
Gun Score and Weapon Rebalance
  • Weapon balance has received a complete overhaul. Charts and detailed info can be found here
  • Weapon DPS replaced by Gun Score to easily determine the utility of the weapon
  • Gun Score is calculated based on the weapon’s stats, damage falloff and armor piercing compared to the best possible armor configuration (Assault, Tier 5 Titan +5 toughness inserts + Harden Mk II.).
Class Management
  • You can now preview other classes and loadouts in the Store and Inventory without having to change class
Chat Window Upgrades
  • Tabs for each channel have been added to the chat system
  • A small preview of the chat is available while the main chat window is closed
  • The chat window can now be resized vertically
Menu User Interface visual overhaul
  • The entire menu user interface has been upgraded to be much cleaner and easy to navigate
Bug Fixes
  • The character is now fully visible when taking cover near Point C in Kyber Stronghold
  • KhyberElbow
  • The barrel attachment for AK-12 is no longer selected upon mouse over
  • Text is now displayed for the RP awarded during new class creation
  • Collision exploits removed in Korolyov Towers
  • RooftopBridgeSidewalk
  • Longest lifespan is now longer than average lifespan
  • M960 and M31CA now eject shells correctly
  • KPS-12 SP for Assault and Specialist now have the same fire rates (160)
  • The sights of the M500 Tactical and M1014 SV GHO without any scopes attached are now correctly displayed
  • PP-2000 SMG clip now ejects when reloading
  • The damage of M3A1 original variant now matches the value shown
  • The recoil and extended magazine clip size multiplier of the Mk 17 now match the values shown
  • The ammo pool for the MK 17 Assault rifle now increases when attaching the Extended Magazine
  • The com-link’s color no longer turns blue when both fire team and squad team overlap
Known Issues
  • Arctic weapons have missing camouflage on some attachments

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