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0.14.6 Release Notes

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Update 0.14.6 introduces match making improvements while implementing a number of bug fixes. 


  • Match Making Updates

Match Making Updates

  • Initial match-up of players is now more balanced; if a match with the best possible team allocation is unable to be formed, match making continues to search for a better match
  • Matches with multiple large fire teams (E.g. 4+4 vs 4+4) will now be avoided, as this arrangement inhibits the team balancer's ability to use the best possible team allocation
  • Team assignment for players joining an in-progress match is now improved – when the team size is balanced and a player is considered "above average", the player is assigned to the weaker team
Bug Fixes
  • Fireteams with very good players are now more accurately match made
  • When a player exits a full match via ALT+F4, a dedicated server now allocates the replacement slot correctly
  • Green box bug has been removed
Known Issues
  • Several weapons have a gun score of 0
  • Depending on a player’s machine configuration, rainbow shaders may be seen on the metal railings in one of the spawn points of Sub Pen 
  • The 3.25x HHS II scope is using the wrong reticule

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