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1.0 Release Notes

Ghost Recon Phantoms introduces plenty of updates!

Ghost Recon Phantoms has arrived! The Phantoms managed to secure and deliver a truckload of changes and additions to the game in time for this release. Check them out below!


  • New Look: Characters, Helmet, Lobby 
  • Weapon Updates
  • Maps: Name Changes, Relighting and Updates 
  • Matchmaking
  • Athena Rank 
  • Ordnance Slots
  • Quick Start Guide
  • Gameplay 
  • Game Terminology
  • New Green-ping-enabled Territories
  • Steam
  • Other Updates



  • Each character class has a new look for the default helmets, Tactical Suit and devices


  • Helmets are now resized to fit new character models
  • Goggle lens and sunglasses added to some helmets


  • Revamped the lobby to enhance player experience
  • No more class selection required upon login
  • Classes are automatically created for new users
  • Class selection is now prompted once a match is found, allowing players to pick their class after looking at their squad composition
  • Players can now view and navigate the store, inventory and profile of each class easily via class buttons on the top left corner of the screen
  • The match lobby now has a new layout to include class selection and a slight increase in waiting time for the match to start
  • Class leaderboards have returned and are accessible from the top navigation pan



  • Weapon prices have been lowered in accordance with the Tier changes that have been made to the game. 


  • New weapon camo options are now available for all weapons, including special-edition weapons.


  • New fully-customizable Mod Master weapons for each weapon type
  • Fire rate is now tied to barrel type
  • All other weapon variants have been removed from the store


  • Tier I and II weapons have been removed from the store
  • All weapons are now lowered by 2 tiers. For example, the previous Tier III becomes the current Tier I
  • Previous Tier I and Tier II weapons owned remain in the inventory and can still be used in combat as well as still contribute to your weapon proficiency
  • Weapon proficiency is now capped at level 7 instead of 9 (as there are now only 7 weapon Tiers in the store)
  • All player weapon-proficiency data has been saved - if a player currently has a weapon proficiency above Tier VII, the player is able to use their old proficiency if and when additional Tiers are released



Previous Now
Korolyov Towers Towers
Shearwater 51 The Rig
Markov Station Metro
Xinyi District Robytech
Balaklava Sub-Pen Subpen
Chertanovo LZ The Nukes
Tomsk-9 Tomsk
Attica Heights Attica

  • Metro, Towers and The Rig have been converted to the new lighting system
  • New visual styles
  • Improved performance 
  • Fixed various "invisible player" bugs 


  • Metro: Added a new path between points A and B in the Metro
  • Towers: Added new flanking path for attackers at C
  • The Rig: Major changes to all three points
  • Minimap size is now persistent when changed
  • Expanded Tactical Map UI size for better map visibility on the spawn screen
  • Smoothed the camera transition between spawn targets on the Tactical Map


  • Match Finder now uses Athena Rank instead of Performance Rank for finding the players to be placed into a match
  • Optimized match search: Speed of parameter expansion for match search is automatically adjusted based on current player activity (number of players online):
    • High player activity = slower, less lenient match search expansion
    • Low player activity = faster, more lenient match search expansion


  • Increased gear weightage and removed weightage of seniority for the Athena Rank calculation 
  • Reduced the maximum quit penalty on Athena Rank from 50% to 30% as 50% is too high
  • Changed the calculation of a player's gear score to use the player’s highest unlocked tier
  • Increased weightage of weapons and armor to gear score


  • Explosive loadout slot is replaced by two Ordnance slots
    • Ordnance 1: Accessed in-game by the key [3]
    • Ordnance 2: Accessed in-game by the key [4]
  • Key configurations can be changed in control options
  • Explosive grenades and smoke grenades* are regarded as Ordnances, and can be equipped via Ordnance slots
  • There are two types of ordnances: 
    • Lethal:  Existing explosive grenades 
    • Smoke: Smoke grenades* 
  • Ordnances of the same type cannot be equipped in both ordnance slots. As there are only have 2 ordnance types now, the only available combination is Lethal + Smoke
  • Note:  Smoke Grenades will be available in a later release


  • New quick start guide pop-up for players logging in for the first time – also accessible at any time by clicking Quick Start Guide on the home screen
  • Device informational videos have been replaced with quick information pop-up


  • Minor increase to character exposure when performing standing side peek
  • Changing fire mode does not cancel reload
  • Order of fire mode selection is now Auto > Burst > Single
  • Larger blitz shield when deployed, smaller protection area when not deployed 


  • The following table lists several changes to the game terminology
Previous Now
Armor Tactical Suit
Specialist class Support class
Requisition Points (RP) ATHENA Credits (AC)
AEGIS APS (Active Protection System)
HEAT ADS (Active Denial System)
  • Device upgrades now fall under 4 categories:
    • Regen Upgrade
    • Speed Upgrade
    • Duration Upgrade
    • Effect Upgrade
  • Armor upgrades now fall under 4 categories:
    • Max. Health
    • DMG. Mitigation
    • Anti-Crit 
    • Health Regen


  • Better-quality experience by expanding “green-ping-enabled” coverage to include more territories:
    • Central and South America (including Mexico, Brazil and Caribbean islands)
    • South East Asia (including Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan)
    • Australia and New Zealand
  • If a player’s Internet connection allows it, they can have better quality ping in the following geographical zones:
Green USA, Central and South America (including Mexico, Brazil and the Caribbean Islands) Europe (Western , Northern, Southern, Eastern) Lithuania, Latvia, Turkey
Yellow/Green South East Asia (including Philippines, Vietnam, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan) Australia and New Zealand Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Moldavia


  • GRP is now available on Steam™ for both the North American and European builds
  • Players can have both the Steam version and the direct client version installed; logging in from either connects to the same game servers and persona
  • For the Steam version: Ghost Coins and AAA subscription can only be purchased through Steam wallet/payments
  • Players can use their existing login credentials for the Steam version


  • Firing range targets now use the armor values of the user in the range
  • ABI is now disabled during warm-up
  • Increased the size of the skull icon that represents dead squad members
  • New icon of laser-designator waypoint to avoid being confused with the Support class icon
  • Added a number value display and adjusted the mouse sensitivity in the control options
  • Improved spawn/deploy button's reliability and usability
  • Reduced waiting time between rounds
  • Initial class setup has been removed
  • Subscription model changed to Credit Card, Paypal or Steam payment instead of GC
  • New users can register/create Uplay account directly in the Launcher
  • The new GI helmets are available to veterans through a coupon
  • All GC packs have increased the amount of GC distributed per package


The following issues have been resolved: 

  • ARC Weapons no longer have missing camo on the attachments
  • Resolved multiple collision and graphical issues in The Rig (previously Shearwater 51)
  • Resolved collision and graphical issues in Metro (previously Markov Station)
  • Players are now unable to spawn earlier than expected in the beginning of the first round – spawn delay was reintroduced as the exploit has been resolved
  • Players now cannot cancel the bolt animation after firing a bolt-action sniper rifle
  • The number of game round(s) for magnum ammo is now showing correctly in the purchase bundle preview popup
  • AR-21 SD PN now has 36 damage (up from 33 damage)


  • After a player completes a match and returns to the lobby, the search status may display "Waiting for server" even though the   match search has started – Players can cancel and retry search to correctly display the search status
  • Weapon and special-edition camos are corrupted on the P90 iron sight when any type of camo is used
  • The 6P41 LMG does not have a short barrel and will be fixed in a later release
  • MP7 Long barrel has a much larger diameter than the other two
  • Visually the M3A1 Jackhammer short barrel is longer than medium barrel
  • Visually the medium and long barrels are the same length for the following guns:
    • MP9
    • CBJ-MS
    • PP-19
  • Visually the MG36 short and medium barrels are the same length
  • The C-Mag on the MG36 clips through the foldable stock that is actually folded
  • Some weapon combinations have negative control – various options for a fix are being investigated
  • No Capped Stock option available for MP7 C, CBJ-MS C, M960 C ,MK16 CQC – this is by design

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