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Level 30 DEEZER Reward

Find out how you can get premium DEEZER service for FREE.

Starting on April 10, we will be sending weekly emails to players who have leveled a character to level 30 during the previous week. We are going to use the email that you provided when you registered to Uplay and the country that you declared.

In this email, you will be given a unique coupon that is country specific – this means that you will not be able to use a coupon for Brazil in Argentina. You will then just have to go to and to subscribe to Deezer Premium +. You will be asked to enter a credit card / local payment method number, but don’t worry, no money will be taken from your account. Just use your coupon code in the same registration page in the field “Promo Code”, and you will be able to enjoy 3 full months of Deezer subscription for free, which means 30 million songs! 

If you have issues redeeming your coupon, it might be that the country you declared on Uplay is not the actual country where you are living. Otherwise, you can contact Deezer’s Customer Support.

Don’t panic if you don’t receive your email right away. It is coming; we are sending emails only once a week.

If you already have 3 characters at level 30, you should receive your coupon in the first batch of emails.

Enjoy, and don’t put it too loud or you won’t hear the recon stabbing your back!

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