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Server Maintenance

Wednesday the 14th of May

On Wednesday the 14th of May, scheduled server maintenance work will be carried out between the hours of 07:00 CEST and 8:30 CEST. During this time, login to Ghost Recon Phantoms' game and site may be unavailable.  

In addition to our standard maintenance work, there will be several changes made during the maintenance period tomorrow:

  • Magnum Ammo Stack size change: We will change the stack size of the magnum ammo from 5 rounds – 400 RP / 20 GC to 10 rounds – 800 RP / 40 GC. Ultimately the price for 10 rounds is still the same, but purchase frequency will be lower.
  • Leaderboards Cleanup: We will reset the Athena Ranking in leaderboard for players who have not played since Ghost Recon Phantoms launched. 

The centralised Ubisoft services team will also be carrying out maintenance work on the 14th of May. Their work will begin at 18:00 CEST, and should last approximately 1 hour. Login to the game and site may be affected during this time, but players in-game prior to the start of maintenance should be able to continue to play without issue. 

Thank you for your understanding, 

Your Ghost Recon Phantoms Team

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