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New 3rd Monthly Mission

Find out about the additional Monthly Mission coming each month

Monthly Missions are your chance to earn free Ghost Coins every month by being an active player and completing challenges. These missions were initially designed to provide one easy and one hard mission per month to reward all players.

Starting this June, we’re adding a third Monthly Mission to award more players with more GC. This new mission falls between the easy and hard missions and offers an additional 100 GC reward.

Check out the June Monthly Missions below:

Mission Icon Requirements Description Reward
"Not Bad" 1
Win 5 matches this month 5 wins isn't bad, but I think you can do better 100 GC
Overly Manly 2
Win 30 Matches this month Winning? You mean pwning! 100 GC
Good Guy 3
Complete 120 matches this month Sees team losing, doesn't quit 150 GC

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