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[AVAILABLE NOW] GRP's Collector’s Edition

Containing the game, soundtrack, 48 page artbook and more!


Dear Ghosts, 

You won’t believe what we’ve managed to pack inside Ghost Recon Phantoms’ Collector’s Edition. You’ll find the game and its soundtrack on disc as well as a beautiful glossy 48-page artbook. This is exclusive to the Collector’s Edition and contains artwork that has never been released anywhere else! 


We’ve also designed a unique Sierra box, based on the fan-favorite skull design, that we think you’ll thoroughly appreciate once you have it in your hands. But that’s not all – we have equipped the Collector’s Edition with a small army’s worth of in-game gear to get you going right out of the gate!  


  • 30 Days of 50% XP / AC boost
  • Timed Frag Grenades x 70
  • Magnum Ammo x 20 game rounds
  • Storage Space x 40
  • Mk 16
  • PM5 (Assault)
  • Sentinel SR-1
  • PP2000
  • MK 46
  • PM5 (Support)
  • Sar-21
  • M1014 (Assault)
  • SR-25
  • MP7
  • L86A1 IW
  • M1014 (Support)
  • ACR
  • MSR
  • MG4
  • NS2000 (Assault)
  • NS2000 (Support)
  • PP-19
Squad Support
  • Squad Support Combat Regen Mk. 1
  • Squad Support Harden Armor Mk. 1
  • Squad Support Gunshot Detector Mk. 1
  • Squad Support Vector Detector Mk. 1
  • Squad Support Ammo Supply Mk. 1
  • Squad Support Device Recharge Mk. 1

There’s something for everyone here, as all classes get great content and gear!   

Want to know how to get your hands on the limited Collector’s Edition? Rest assured, we’ve got you covered! The game will be available in select retailers across Europe on the 26th of June for £14.99/€19.99. We have an exclusive partnership with GAME for UK distribution, so keep an eye out for pre-orders going live soon! 

Have you tried Ghost Recon Phantoms yet? If not, what are you waiting for? With over 5 Million registered users, a vibrant community awaits you for that awesome squad-based Third Person Shooter action. Join us now and share your experience with the Ghosts (or Phantoms) at and ! Or why not go live and catch one of our regular streams during which you’ll soon be able to see a live unboxing of the Collector’s Edition on Twitch   

And don’t forget, Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon Phantoms Collector’s Edition is out 26th June on PC! 

Available NOW exclusively at: Partners-game

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