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ESL Summer League 2014

Sign up now for the ESL Summer League 2014!

Currently Europe is in the World Cup fever. With Belgium, France, Germany, Netherlands and Switzerland are still 5 European Teams part of the World Cup and we hope that at least one of those teams is able to reach the final match on the 13th July. But what's coming next? It's time to enter the battlefield again!


The ESL has just announced the new Summer League 2014! Like the World Cup you have a group stage and afterwards playoff matches. The sign-up is already open and ends on the 17th July 22:30 CEST.

Of course the top 3 on the winners' podium will win a bunch of Ghost Coins and ESL Premium Accounts. For details and restrictions please read the official ESL Announcement.

We hope your preferred team is still part of the world cup and will be successful. Afterwards it's time to proof your skill! Sign up now!

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