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Journey to 1.2 – Weapon Changes

Find out about the upcoming weapon changes in Patch 1.2
Three months after launch, we’re launching the next phase of Ghost Recon Phantoms. The development team has sifted through mountains of feedback and quantitative data to analyze and improve our GRP strategy. 

With launch we received a lot of attention and plenty of registrations, which bring a new set of challenges. One of these challenges is the new user experience. For many players who join GRP from other shooters, our gameplay, progression and learning curve can feel foreign and complex, which leads to an unpleasant or frustrating experience.

As a result, we’ve made it our focus to optimize the experience for new users who become part of our community and our plan is built upon four pillars:
1. Balancing the classes and weapons to provide our players with a more even playing field
2. Teaching the game controls and rules to our players to facilitate learning the game faster
3. Making the core gameplay more accessible to new users
4. Improving early progression speed through more rewards

Overall, Patch 1.2 is going to bring a lot of interesting and bold changes to GRP’s gameplay experience. For today, we’re going to share changes to our first pillar: Balancing weapons in game.

Weapons will always be an integral part of the Ghost Recon Phantoms experience. Since releasing our last major weapon rebalance before launch a few months ago, we’ve been monitoring quantitative data and listening to your feedback. We’re now ready in Patch 1.2 to release a second pass on the weapons to continue improving the balance between all three classes. On top of that, we’ve also made several other bold changes to increase the reactivity and accessibility of gameplay in GRP. Our aim is to deliver to our players the same GRP tactical depth with the familiar feel and responsiveness of other shooters, to make the game more accessible and fun.

Weapon Rebalance
Observation of in-game data and community feedback showed us that some guns’ performance progression was not working as we intended. Each tier should be better than the previous one and we identified some outliers that needed rebalancing.

Table 1: Example of the SMG weapon progression

 Weapon progression

Standardization of additional Stats
Our current weapon system may be somewhat confusing for many players who are not aware of the additional stats of our weapons. In order to improve clarity of gun performance, we’re going to add a UI display of their armor piercing stats, as well as standardizing some hidden stats of our guns.

Armor Piercing
Armor piercing has always been a huge component of GRP’s gunplay that wasn’t always displayed in the past. We’ll now be sharing all armor piercing stats in-game as well as making armor piercing more consistent among the tiers. 

Damage fall off
We're also standardizing the damage fall-off of weapons within each weapon class.

Weapon Class     Damage Fall-off
Sniper Rifle 95% damage at roughly 100 meters
Light Machine Gun 80% damage at roughly 136 meters
Assault Rifle 80% damage at roughly 87 meters
Shotgun 80% damage at roughly 32 meters
Sub Machine Gun 80% damage at roughly 82 meters
Handgun 80% damage at roughly 32 meters

Weapon Reactivity
For many new users with experience in other shooters, GRP sometimes feels too slow and unresponsive and loses its appeal for them. As a result, we decided to make several major changes to increasing reactivity.

Weapon Ready Time Changes
Firstly, we're going to drastically reduce all weapon ready times, but will retain parity within the current weapon type ready times (e.g. SMGs will still have the fastest ready times and sniper rifles will have the longest). 

Before After Before After
Weapon Class Minimum Minimum Maximum Maximum
Sniper Rifle 0.8 0.3 1.95 0.4
Light Machine Gun 0.5 0.3 1.95


Assault Gun 0.5 0.2 1.85


Shotgun 0.55 0.2 1.8 0.3
Sub Machine Gun 0.3 0.1 1.75 0.2

In order to ensure a fair experience for players using attachments on their weapons, we've reduced the attachments' effect on ready time significantly. Some attachments will be adjusted at a later stage.

Weapon Reload Time Changes

Secondly, we're going to reduce weapon reload times.

Weapon Class Reload Time Additional Changes
Sniper Rifle 25% faster
Light Machine Gun   20% faster     LMGs with belt magazine: reloads will no longer be quicker for non-empty magazines
Assault Gun 10% faster
Shotgun 25% faster SG with shell reloads: reloads can now be interrupted and fire immediately
Sub Machine Gun 20% faster
Handgun 20% faster HGs with belt magazine: reloads will no longer be quicker for non-empty magazines

Weapon Swap Times
Lastly, we're going to reduce the time it takes to swap weapons (e.g. between your primary weapon and your handgun)

Weapon Class     Swap Time
Sniper Rifle 50% faster
Light Machine Gun 50% faster
Assault Rifle 40% faster
Shotgun 40% faster
Sub Machine Gun 40% faster

As a result of these changes, we'll be adjusting the gun scores of various weapons. For more in-depth weapon statistics, keep an eye on our official forums in the coming days!

Also, stay tuned for more updates regarding Update 1.20 within the next few days!

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