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Journey to 1.2 – Gameplay Changes

Find out about the upcoming gameplay changes in Patch 1.2

Continuing our focus on gameplay updates in Patch 1.2, we’re bringing you an update on our other upcoming gameplay changes. The main goal of these changes is to continue to deliver the same formula that makes Ghost Recon Phantoms unique – cover based, tactical team play – while making it less foreign for new users and intense and exciting for both new and old players. It is important to us to provide an enjoyable and balanced experience to all players regardless of the classes they play. 

Movement Changes

We’re going to increase the global running speed of all classes by 6%. While this change won’t make you suddenly feel like superman, you can run back from spawn and join the fight faster, flank faster and push faster.

On top of that, we’re also accelerating the stance transition (stand/crouch/prone) by 20-75%, which we have tuned specifically for different sets of actions. Here are some examples:
From To % Faster
Stand Crouch 50%
Stand Prone 50%
Walk Crouch 50%
Walk Prone 30%
Run Crouch 20%
Run Prone 30%
Crouch Stand 50%
Crouch Walk 50%
Crouch Run 50%
Prone Stand 50%
Prone Walk 50%
Prone Run 50%
Prone Crouch 75%

These reactivity changes also include jumping/climbing/vaulting over and on cover which will be speed up by 7.1%-30%:

Climb Action Climb Height % Faster
Climb On Mid Cover 7.1%
Climb On High Cover 8.3%
Climb Over Mid Cover 30%

Device Changes

Aside from weapons, devices are one of the things that make GRP unique. From our analysis, we realized that many users don’t get to use their devices enough. Assaults or supports that have their devices ready are sometimes afraid to deploy them in case the timing is not right. As a result, we’re making some changes to encourage more frequent device usage and to address balancing concerns that have been raised.

Increase Device Usage

We’re reducing the base cool-down duration for Assault and Support devices and increasing the energy regeneration rate for Recon devices: 

Device Before (without ugprade) After (without upgrade) % Faster
ADS 200 seconds 120 seconds 40% 
BLITZ 200 seconds 120 seconds 40% 
APS 200 seconds 120 seconds 40% 
BLACKOUT 200 seconds 120 seconds 40% 
CLOAK 181 seconds 125 seconds 30% 
SCAN 166 seconds 125 seconds 25% 

This allows more room for tactical device usage, enabling players to try to turn the tide of battle or end a stalemate with their charged devices. Remember to keep an eye out for your opponents trying to do the same.

Other Device Changes

Based on your feedback and extensive internal testing, we were able to make changes to help improve and balance different devices.

Previously, by design, bullets had a chance to penetrate an APS shield, which will be removed. New users and seasoned veterans alike will no longer be surprisingly felled by outside bullets with their APS active. 

Additionally, Recons will no longer lose energy after getting shot while cloaked. However, any damage taken while being in CLOAK will immediately de-cloak the Recon. Furthermore, vector detector will no longer detect cloaked Recons. This is to increase the viability of CLOAK as what it was designed for: a device apt at close quarter combat and flanking your enemies. 

Assaults and/or Supports killed while deploying their devices will now have 80% of their energy returned instead of 40%. However, this does not apply if they have deployed their devices or are in an overcharged state when killed.

We are also removing the device penalty for Supports accidentally overcharging their devices. Instead of stunning the player (and maybe killing them), the device will auto-trigger instead. 

Cover Blur Removal

In order to encourage the use of cover, we’re removing the distance blur effect when you’re in cover. Visibility is now the same in cover, or out of cover.


Match Earnings Changes

In addition to these changes, we’re also changing the ATHENA credits earned per match. In 1.2, match earnings will be based on finishing matches instead of the time spent in each match. This incentivizes players to capture objectives to finish matches faster and discourages players from turtling and delaying games in order to farm AC.


Now both teams will receive greater rewards for completing rounds, which not only encourages faster gameplay, it also allows players to play and complete more matches in the same amount of time. More matches in the same amount of time = more AC than before.

Example: Previously a 20 min match awarded roughly 350 AC. Now 10 min of match time awards 350 AC; therefore: 20 min of match time now awards twice the amount (700 AC). 

Previously you would need 40 min of match time to earn almost 700 AC; whereas, now you can take home 1400 AC in the same amount of time by focusing on the objective and moving on to the next match – Winner, winner chicken dinner.

This also allows us to revitalize the desirability of holdout maps – which used to generate a low amount of AC due to the short-nature of the mode – and compensate players who hotjoin matches, who will earn almost as much as having played from the beginning so long as they finish the match!

We’ve heard your feedback and your concerns from the previous update. The amount of unprecedented bold moves in the upcoming update is surprising, but all we ask is that you give these changes a try. We feel that they will provide a more enjoyable experience overall.
Ghost Recon Phantoms will always grow with its community. If we’re unhappy with the results and see a negative impact on the gaming experience, we will adjust these changes accordingly.

Find out about other changes in our next Journey to 1.2 announcements.

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