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Athena Owl - Issue #1

Check out the latest new GRP fan creation these past month.

Athena Owl Header

The ATHENA Corporation brings you our refreshing new series, THE ATHENA OWL, where we share with you all Ghost Recon Phantoms-related community content, whether it’s new fan art, videos, fan sites or more.

Want to see your work featured by us? That’s great! Simply share your creativity at our Steam Community Hub where you can upload your screenshots, artwork, videos and guides with the rest of our community and you might see your work in our next issue.

Fanart Header

1. GRP South Park
2. Phantom Drawing
2. Phantom Drawings
3. GRP Web Banner
GRP Cake by SSBdonton
4. GRP Cake
 GRP Wooden Logo by Fifty
 5. GRP Wooden Logo
 6. GRP Icon
7. Assassin's Phantom
8. AC Wallpaper 1
8. AC Wallpaper 2
8. AC Wallpaper 3
Support Class 3D Model by Michael Jo
9. GRP Support 3D Model
 Video Header

Fansite Header

  • Gripdips by Scotty and Compass: This modmaster comparator has all the modmaster setups. It’s a great starting place for you to tweak your setup for maximum damage.
 Guide Header
We hope you enjoy our fine new series and thank you for choosing ATHENA for all of your Ghost Recon Phantoms needs.

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