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Release Notes v.1.2.0

Check out the full changelog for Patch 1.2.0.


  • AC earnings: New daily win and challenge rewards 
  • Weapon Updates
  • Gameplay
  • Device Changes
  • Scores: New and updated
  • UI Changes
  • Qualification Requirements for Phase 1 to Phase 4


The AC rewards for the following have been increased to:
  • Daily win: 250 AC from 200 AC
  • Solo challenge: 350 AC from 150 AC
  • Fireteam challenge: 400 AC from 150 AC
Round completion:
  • 130 AC for round completion
  • 1 AC per minute spent in the round
  • 20% AC earning increase for winning the round (prior to XP/AC boost)



For the entire list of rebalance changes please see the full table here.


Weapons now have quick ready time and attachments' effect on ready time is reduced significantly

Before Before After After
Weapon Class Minimum Maximum Minimum Maximum
Sniper Rifle 0.8 1.95 0.3 0.4
Light Machine Gun 0.5 1.95 0.3


Assault Rifle 0.5 1.85 0.2


Shotgun 0.55 1.8 0.2 0.3
Sub Machine Gun 0.3 1.75 0.1 0.2



  • The reload time for all weapons is shorter
  • Standardized damage fall-off within weapon classes
  • Reduced time taken to swap weapons (e.g. from a primary weapon to a handgun)
  • Bipods' negative effect on weapon swap time is reduced by 50%
  • Grips' positive effect on weapon swap time is reduced by 50%
Weapon Class Reload Time (% faster) Damage fall off (damage dealt %) Swap Weapons (% faster)
Assault Rifle 10% 80% damage at roughly 87 meters 40%
Light Machine Gun (Belt) 20%  80% damage at roughly 136 meters 50%
Shotgun (Mag) 25%  80% damage at roughly 32 meters 40%
Sub Machine Gun 20%  80% damage at roughly 82 meters 40%
Sniper Rifle 25% 95% damage at roughly 100 meters 50%
Handgun 20%  80% damage at roughly 32 meters

  • The headshot damage multiplier boost is removed from 6P41 to standardize it for LMG
  • Shotguns which reload per shell can now interrupt reload animation and fire immediately
  • Revolvers and light machine guns (with belt magazine) no longer have quicker reload if the magazine is not empty
  • Increased Mk 16's standard/extended magazine size to 30/40 and ammo pool to 120/160
  • Increased Mk 17's standard/extended magazine size to 30/40 and ammo pool to 120/160
  • Changed M24 GI Sniper Rifle barrel from short to medium


  • Global increase in running speed by roughly 6% 
  • Increased stance transition (Stand/Crouch/Prone) speed by 20-75%
  • Increased jump/vault over cover speed by roughly 7-30%
  • The distance blur effect is removed when taking cover

  • The base cool down duration for Assault and Support devices has been reduced from 200 seconds to 120 seconds
  • Increased base energy regeneration rate for Recon devices:
    • CLOAK: Full regeneration is now 125 seconds from 181 seconds
    • SCAN:  Full regeneration is now 125 seconds from 166 seconds
  • Bullets can no longer penetrate through an APS shield
  • Recon now does not lose energy after getting shot while cloaked. However, any damage taken while cloaked immediately de-cloaks the Recon
  • Motion detector no longer detects cloaked Recons
  • Assaults and Supports killed while deploying or charging their devices now have 80% of their energy returned instead of 40%. However, this does not apply if they have deployed their devices or are in an overcharged state when killed
  • Support devices now auto-deploy instead of exceeding the overcharged state when they do not activate their device 

Score Description Conquest Onslaught Holdout

When a team captured a point, and the player did not receive Capture or Capture assist

100 50 100
OVERTIME TRIGGER1 Helped trigger overtime by being on the control point when the normal time ends 100 50 100
SAVIOR KILL1 Killed an enemy who just shot your team mate (2s window) 50 50 50
AVENGER KILL1 Killed an enemy who just killed your team mate (2s window) 25 25 25
KILL STREAK STOPPED1 Killed an enemy who is on a kill streak of 5 or higher 50 50 50
PURPLE HEART1 A teammate killed a enemy who just killed the player (~2s window) 50 50 50
  • Killed an enemy who is a victim of a friendly Blitz, ADS, or Blackout;
  • Stay inside a friendly APS for 3 seconds
10 10 10

Killed an enemy while you are in cover

5 5 5

Disable enemies'

  • device by using BLACKOUT
  • device by killing them (Activated or Charging)
  • ADS by Blitzing them
  • BLITZ by Blitzing them
100 100 100

Damaged enemies before they are killed by teammates

Variable time window depends on damage dealt:

  • Duration = Damage * 0.1 (E.g. 100 damage * 0.1 = 10 seconds)
  • Duration is extended when you perform successive hits
75 75 75
BLITZ KNOCKDOWN Knock down enemy with BLITZ (only triggered once per enemy per activation) 40 40 40
BLITZ ASSIST Teammate killed an enemy who is knocked down by your Blitz (Knockdown time +2.5s window) 75 75 75
ADS SUPPRESSION Hit an enemy with ADS (only triggered once per enemy per activation) 20 20 20
ADS ASSIST Teammate killed an enemy affected by the player’s ADS 40 40 40
SCAN ASSIST Teammate killed an enemy within 5 seconds after being detected by your Scan 40 40 40
APS KILL Killed an enemy using APS 40 40 40
APS PROTECTION Teammate stayed in the player's APS shield for an accumulative period of three seconds, triggered once for each team mate. Only applies to current instance of APS activation. 50 50 50
BLACKOUT STUN Hit an enemy with BLACKOUT 40 40 40
BLACKOUT ASSIST Teammate killed an enemy while he is under the effects of the player's BLACKOUT 75 75 75

1 New Scores


  • Armor piercing stat is shown in the tooltip for all guns
  • A short description of the game mode on the map is shown during map voting
  • New quick start guide with Quick Play button for first time players
  • Capture point tip and cover tip shown in new beginner tips
  • Reduced qualifications requirements for tier 1 to tier 4 for all classes
  • Existing players who are halfway through their qualifications will experience the following:
    • If they are 8/40 through completing a qualification and it was reduced to 10: the next 2 triggers by the player completes the achievement.
    • If they are 11/40 through completing a qualification and it was reduced to 10: the next triggers by the player completes the achievement
    • If the qualification was changed to a new qualification requirement: the player must start the new qualification requirement from scratch

The following issues have been resolved: 

  • Red textures are no longer seen on players when players use the cloak device or enter the firing range and Metro  
  • Device upgrades now show the right stat value instead of displaying 0%
  • The discount percentage for sales in the store is now showing
  • Chat messages are no longer repeated when players change channels and enters a message after receiving one
  • When you rapidly click [1] your weapon will not be raised twice during the auto weapon swap after throwing a grenade
  • The game does not crash when players fall down from an edge in the Attica map

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