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Phantom Heist

Free DLCs and Phantom Heist Weekends in August

We’ve been robbed! Phantoms have invaded key ATHENA Corporation facilities and plan to smuggle out mad amounts of loot this August. Arm yourself for a month of madness with a FREE 30-day 100% XP/AC boost available on Steam from this Friday, 1 August 2014 19:00 CEST to Sunday, 3 August 7:00 CEST and get ready for Phantom Heist weekends throughout all of August.

Every Friday to Sunday in August, the Phantoms will smuggle over 60x more loot in regular matches, totaling up to £25,000 worth of loot up for grabs each weekend.

It's time to pick a side. 

Be a Ghost and interrupt the heist to retrieve our loot. All players who participate can join our Facebook event and share a screenshot of the opened loot they received over the weekend. Every Monday, Ghost Recon will pick 3 loyal Ghosts to shower with 3 Gold Mystery Boxes each for recovering the stolen goods.

Or …

Be a Phantom and join the heist to smuggle some loot. If you can resist the urge to open your loot and keep your boxes closed all month long, you will be eligible to receive the ultimate reward. Submit a video of you unboxing all of your loot from the entire month at the end of August and Ghost Recon will select one lucky Phantom to receive 5 gold mystery boxes and any gun of their choice in game.

With a month-long double XP/AC boost and Phantom Heist weekends, it’s time to proof your endurance on the battlefield. We wish you the best of luck and look forward to seeing your spoils of war.

The Facebook event can be found here.

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