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Up Your Game – Devices

Tips and tricks to help you get ahead in GRP

In Ghost Recon Phantoms the most powerful weapon you carry is your device. Learning one device inside and out can help you, but knowing every device makes you master. Today we’ll cover the differences between tiers and review each device, including their advantages and disadvantages as well as pro tips on their use.

Tiers and Components

There are tiers for each device:

T.I (no upgrade slots) – Awarded for free to all players who reach level 2

T.II (1 upgrade slot) – Available in store once you’ve obtained T.I

T.III (2 upgrade slots) – Available in store once you’ve obtained T.II

The upgrade slots are filled with one of three possible device upgrades available for each device. Although the names may be similar, each upgrade has a unique effect on each device (see full details below).


20140725 - Cloak

What’s not to like? You go invisible then run and kill things, right? Wrong. CLOAK can be a surprisingly difficult device to master, especially against top players. Your movement is perceivable to the naked eye, you are easily detected by SCAN and like all devices you emit an audible noise as you disappear. 

The advantage to CLOAK is that you can evade Motion Detectors and slip by unsuspecting prey. The keys to CLOAK are using it when it’s least expected, using it during a distraction (e.g. other devices), making good use of your full charge and remembering the golden rule: Flank, flank, flank.


  1. Effect – allows firing while CLOAKED and reduces the activation cost

  2. Duration – increases the duration of the device

  3. Regen – speeds up the cool-down rate of the device


20140725 - Scan

Knowledge is power. Arguably the most valuable device to your team, your squad mates will rely heavily on your ability to light their way. Seeing through walls, detecting Cloakers and highlighting enemies for your teammates gives you invaluable intel and the strategic upper hand. But remember: SCAN is not infinite, you must use it wisely and think for your team. 

Triggering SCAN fires a series of waves that cost a lot of energy in the first burst but significantly less for each subsequent wave. This is designed so that you scan multiple directions or a single lane several times to alert as many teammates as possible, as opposed to selfishly blasting a corner for one enemy. Be conservative with your charge and save your SCAN for moments when your teammates will need it, e.g.: Before pushing down a lane, deploying a device or entering a point.


  1. Range – increases the SCAN range and enemy detection duration but reduces the SCAN arc

  2. Duration – increases the SCAN frequency, reduces the activation cost and widens the SCAN arc

  3. Regen – speeds up the cool-down rate of the device


20140725 - Blitz

BLITZ is about using speed and muscle to gain ground, shut down defenders and psychologically bully your opponents. The ability to run faster is great for reaching the point faster than your opponents and also allows you to flank them while tanking fewer bullets. Knocking down your enemies temporarily stuns them, but only for a short time, which makes it dangerous to rush in alone without having backup to clear them. The beauty of BLITZ is that it also provides passive protection for your back when it isn’t deployed.

Communicating with your team is vital to securing the support you need and effectively clearing an enemy position. Learning how to maneuver BLITZ can be a bit tricky, but can pay out massively, e.g.: Learning how to trick an enemy into triggering BLACKOUT, escaping the blast radius and then returning to finish the job.


  1. Speed – increases the speed of activation and movement as well as the mobility of the device

  2. Duration – increases the duration of the sprint and knockdown

  3. Regen – speeds up the cool-down rate of the device

ADS (Active Denial System)

20140725 - Heat

Also known as “HEAT” the ADS is all about suppression, (but cooking a few fools alive is fun too). Used defensively you can stop an enemy advance in its tracks or used offensively you prevent defenders from leaving cover which buys your team valuable time and ground. Your ADS is limited in its range and radius, especially if you zoom in to suppress a specific opponent, which leaves you exposed to enemy fire or grenades – A clever sniper may have little to fear from you. 

Defensively ADS is used best from the safety of cover and offensively it’s used best from within a friendly APS or a forward cover position. Coordinating pushes with teammates will make you the most effective use of your power and save lives in the process. Never be afraid to deploy your ADS to counter an enemy ADS for your team.


  1. Range – increases the range and damage of the device

  2. Duration – widens ADS arc and increases the duration and enemy stun time

  3. Regen – speeds up the cool-down rate of the device

APS (Active Protection System)

20140725 - APS

A highly protective device, the APS simultaneously makes you immune to external bullets (all bets are off within the bubble) but also makes you the largest magnet for grenades and therefore death. Use APS to protect teammates as you advance (e.g. friendly ADS or BLACKOUT) and quickly gain ground through open spaces. 

Beware of enemy BLITZ, ADS, BLACKOUT or the occasional APS duel. The key to surviving any of these counters is working with your teammates to keep you alive when you’re knocked down, suppressing opponents with ADS to prevent intrusions in your bubble or simply to warn you against backstabbers. ADS has the power to turn the tide of any match if used wisely, but using it alone will not save your team – always work together.


  1. Effect – increases the radius and toughness as well as reduces the deployment time of the device

  2. Duration – increases the duration of the device

  3. Regen – speeds up the cool-down rate of the device


20140725 - Blackout

The master of all devices, BLACKOUT is the most difficult device to use and arguably the most powerful. Using an electromagnetic pulse to literally shutdown opponents (and stun them) provides you the ability to not only eliminate immediate threats, but also prevent them in the future by draining your enemy device charges. Stunning opponents buys you a small window for you and your teammates to clear an enemy position or point, which works offensively and defensively. 

Aside from a limited radius and brief charging time, your greatest disadvantage is the loud charging noise that alerts your enemy team to your presence/approach, which puts all eyes on you and may even cause an opponent to trigger BLACKOUT first. However, if timed wisely, you can use this sound to your advantage to psychologically force your opponents away from a point or even out of cover into the open.


  1. Effect – increases the radius and deployment time of the device

  2. Duration – increases the duration that the enemy remains stunned

  3. Regen – speeds up the cool-down rate of the device

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