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Release Notes v.1.2.2

Check out the full changelog for Patch 1.2.2


  • Weapon and Attachment Changes
  • Gameplay Changes
  • Auto accept Solo Challenges
  • Updated Control Point HUD (Conquest and Onslaught)
  • New Inventory Layout
  • Updated Mystery Boxes
  • Others


• Increased headshot damage multiplier for the AK-200 series (AK-200, AKS-200R, AK-200M) from 1.5x to 2x
• Added laser pointers (IR Laser Designator) to all GI primary weapons
• Attachment changes:

Attachment Changes Illustration: Before vs After (*Scale does not reflect actual change)
All Silencers No longer reduces minimum spread silencer change
All Grips

Vertical control is slightly worst, but side-to-side control is better 

Bonus to control mostly applies when user is not in cover  
Smaller maximum spread

Reduced spread when in cover

grips changegrips 2 change

Not in cover vs in cover

Short Barrels (AR)

Higher damage at long range

Smaller maximum spread

short barrels AR
Medium Barrels (AR) Higher damage at long range
Long Barrels (AR)

Bigger maximum spread

Faster spread reduction rate

long barrels AR
Short Barrels (LMG) Higher damage at long range
Medium Barrels (LMG) Higher damage at long range
Long Barrels (LMG) Faster spread reduction rate
Short Barrels (SMG) Smaller maximum spread short barrels SMG
Medium Barrels (SMG) No change
Long Barrels (SMG)

Bigger maximum spread

Faster spread reduction rate

long barrels SMG
Short Barrels (SG) Smaller spread short barrels SG
Medium Barrels (SG) No change
Long Barrels (SG) Bigger spread long barrels SG
Short Barrels (SR) Higher damage at long range
Medium Barrels (SR) Higher damage at long range
Long Barrels (SR) No change
Capped/Folded/Retracted Stock (AR, LMG, SMG, SR)

Much smaller maximum spread

Much bigger minimum spread

Less spread reduction when aiming down sight or in cover

capped folded retracted stock
Capped/Folded/Retracted Stock (SG) Improved control


  • Weapons with low accuracy are now able to reach maximum critical chance when fully settled while in cover
  • BLITZ changes:
    • Successfully blitzing a player will deal 25 damage to the victim
    • Increased collision area for BLITZ
    • Removed handling speed from BLITZ and BLITZ mobility upgrade, increasing the maneuverability of BLITZ
    • Reduced the movement speed when blitzing diagonally and backwards
  • ADS changes:
    • Afterburn duration for ADS will last for 2 seconds. 
    • Players will no longer take damage from afterburn, but are unable to fire their weapons while affected by afterburn
    • Increased the damage scaling for ADS slightly
  • Now all ammo regeneration will regenerate special ammo:
    • When players use special ammo and recover ammo from dead players, their special ammo will be replenished
    • Squad support ammo regen now regenerates special ammo


  • Players will now auto accept the first solo challenge upon logging in if they have not accepted any solo challenge
  • Players will still be able to cancel the solo challenge and accept another solo challenge


  • Inventory layout has been revamped
  • The number of allies and enemies who are on the control point will now be displayed in the Control Point HUD in order to provide clearer feedback of the situation when the control point is being contested:
Capture UI Update


  • Updated the contents and drop rate of existing bronze, silver and gold mystery boxes
    • Improved drop quality for all 3 mystery boxes (less consumables and more items)
    • Added GRFS, Arctic, Assassin’s Creed and Jungle weapons to mystery boxes
    • Added all new Tier 5 tactical suits to mystery boxes
  • Updated the description of all mystery boxes


  • Updated art asset bundle for AC Reloaded Pack
  • Updated the map voting and loading screen of Tomsk
  • Improved the BLITZ running animation to be more realistic
  • Mouse-over display for the following attachments has been changed to show only the written description: stock, barrel and magazine
  • Increased the sellback price for AK-200 weapons to 10k ATHENA Credits

The following issue(s) have been resolved: 
  • The KSVK Extended Magazine will have 28 total ammo instead of 21
  • The following shotguns will have more accurate reload animations: PM5, M1014, Model 10a and SPAS 12
  • Fixed incorrect hand position on some grips
  • Cloaked Recons no longer turn partially black when standing in front of a recon’s dead body (who was killed during cloak)
  • Recon cloaking transition no longer breaks when the recon cloaks immediately after being under ADS suppression
  • Flickering textures may occur on dead Support’s and Assault’s devices if they are wearing non-standard tactical suits 

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