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Game Update - v. 0.8.0

Patch Notes for build update 0.8.0

Game Update - v. 0.8.0 Notes


  • All Closed Beta progression data has been wiped. There will be no more player data wipes from this point onwards.
  • Ghost Coin is now available for purchase from within the client, whenever you see the GC icon

Community Feedback Changes (we are listening!)
  • Korolyov Towers 2.0 map update: anti-spawn-camping changes, combat tweaks on A and B, and a major revamp of point C to improve combat and teamplay (see details below)
  • Conquest mode has been changed to allow for 2 rounds, while still resulting in shorter overall matches than was the case previously
  • Major improvements to anti-cheat systems (sorry not sharing the details on this; anti-cheating is a never-ending battle to outwit the cheaters, so it helps if we don't tell them what we've done)
  • Sprinting action will now interrupt reload action (and vice versa)
  • Squad mate icons in the HUD and mini-map now show you their device activation status
  • Players now retain the following settings between spawns: scope zoom level, weapon fire mode, and equipped ammo
  • Improved stand to prone animation transition. When your back is against the wall, you will no longer leap forward to prone
  • Added new Feedback sound for grenade bouncing off AEGIS shield


Device updates
  • Heat movement speed is the same speed as AEGIS movement speed
  • Addressed bugs with how HEAT was detecting enemy players, it should now be more reliable.
  • HEAT reticle now more accurately shows where HEAT will take effect.
  • Player will now retain a small amount of device power when player gets killed while charging or deploying abilities, so that Assault and Specialist classes are not overly punished when killed in this state. (Overcharge is not counted as charging)
  • Player is no longer allowed to perform melee attack while under Blackout or Heat effects

Game Modes
  • All game modes: Changes to the round clock and the amount of time added per capture to increase the intensity of matches and keep rounds from dragging on
  • Onslaught: Slightly decreased capture time in Onslaught game mode to give more incentive/reward to attacking points.
  • Onslaught: To compensate for decreased capture time, so that defense is not too difficult or tiring, we also decreased max round time (so no more 12 minutes to take C if you take A & B really quickly)
  • Conquest: Match changed back to two rounds

  • Fixed an issue where Armor inserts did not mitigate grenade damage
  • Fixed an issue where the character would peek up while shooting from the side of a crouch height cover
  • Fixed an issue where Impact grenade explosion effects were not played immediately

Combat Tuning
  • Improved burst fire mode to be more accurate.
  • Added camera shake for near misses
  • Fixed an issue where the player could perform accurate, quick; aim and shoot using the sniper rifle
  • According to the data captured in the last two betas, a few of the higher-level LMGs were less effective than expected. Slight adjustments to improve accuracy or handling (FYI, when we increase handling or accuracy, typically we also lower the ROF or damage to balance that).
  • SA-80: Improved accuracy by 5%
  • MG4: Lowered damage and recoil, double magazine cap
  • MG36: Swapped SP with SV variant
  • 6p41: Reduced ROF to 550-650, reduced accuracy and reduced recoil, increased damage
  • All LMGs: Tweaked max accuracy to match Assault Rifles
  • Data also indicated a weakness in the default AR SA-80: Improved accuracy by 5%
  • Gave M27 GI a muzzle brake

  • Improvements to team balancing that, amongst other changes, consider classes when creating teams. This will not affect the number of each class in a match, but will balance the classes between the teams. Players still have the option of overriding by changing their class choice while waiting for the match to start.
  • Fixed a bug where Hotjoin was looking for players of widely divergent skills too quickly.
  • Pre-match countdown lowered from 90 seconds to 45. 45 is enough to kit up, top up your grenades or inserts, but gets you into the game quicker
  • With the expectation of a larger OB population, we’ve increased the sensitivity of Matchmaking to skill in an attempt to create better matches, this should not result in longer times to find a match in most circumstances
  • We’ve increased the match search timeout to 5 minutes to allow you more time to find a match before restarting a search

  • Added a new Installer that ensures .NET and DirectX are installed before attempting to run the Launcher.
  • Fixed intro video playing without sound on 5.1 surround sound systems
  • Increased the default maximum VOIP volume
  • Fixed an issue where VOIP’s “Push to talk” functionality was not working on the loading screen
  • Fixed a commonly occurring Dedicated Server crash from the previous CB
  • Fixed a bug where the player would sometimes get stuck at spawn screen
  • Fixed a bug that caused the player to not be listed in the scoreboard

  • Added being shot and shooting feedback for squad mates on the mini map in the game, tactical map in the respawn screen, and HUD
  • Fixed an issue on the scoreboard that always showed your ping quality as “full green”.
  • Opening tutorial video for 1st-time users to introduce core cover gameplay before their first match
  • Added short device-intro videos when unlocked (optional viewing)
  • Added Tips and Hints to the Loading & Respawn screens
  • Increased inventory storage size to 26
  • Changed whisper color in the chat to green
  • Improved scoreboard readability (make it easier to see your own stats like personal K/D)
  • Completely revamped qualifications and medals with new avatar rewards
  • Grenade Mystery Boxes are now available for purchase in the store
  • Starter Bundles for each class are now available for purchase in the store


Korolyov Towers has received a major revamp
  • Point C has received a major overhaul. The overhaul is meant to provide more cover based combat options on and around the point
  • Adjustments have been made throughout the level to improve the playability of C, and to make spawn-camping more dangerous on A & B
  • Some structures have been placed below the ledge outside of the attacker C spawn point to prevent defenders from spawn camping below the ledge
  • The air vents section at point C has been simplified to prevent messy cross fires
  • There is a new side path available near point A to prevent spawn camping
  • The covers in the construction scaffold near A have been changed to allow attackers to counter defenders who are attempting to spawn camp from below
  • The pillar near point A has been removed as it was considered too powerful as a cover spot
  • An opening in the stairwell near point B has been added for players to shoot below and to jump outside
  • Defenders are now able to shoot at the attackers from the opposing bridge

Shearwater 51

  • A lighting update was made to illuminate possible pathways to take, as well as spots that players should watch out for

Known Issues
  • Game client will try to access Disc in DVD ROM with any Drive mapped to letter F.
  • Game will have graphical artifacts when played using Shader Model 2.0 (Only SM3.0 is the minimum supported model for OB)
  • VIVOX VOIP will not work if player plugs in the microphone after the map has loaded.

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