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0.8.1 Patch Preview

What we are bringing in the next patch

On the upcoming Ghost Recon Online patch, we've focused on listening to the feedback from our community. This led to key changes that involve game and weapon balance, and bug fixing.

We've been reading a lot of weapon performance feedback. We went through our data and prioritized checking on the items that were called out. After a thorough evaluation, we did some tuning that should mitigate a couple of disparities on weapon balance. Another important issue that we worked on is the ironsight/scope crosshair reticule. We've read a lot of comments that this UI feature can be quite confusing or distracting at times. So what we did was, we allowed the toggling of crosshair dispersion indicator. You will now have the option to turn this display on or off in the options menu depending on your preference.

And of course, we're including bug fixes and other updates that should improve stability and performance. Details on what's coming out on patch 0.8.1 will be announced tomorrow.

Carry on sharing your feedback and suggestions with us, as they are a valuable source of information in helping the GRO team improve the game. Keep on visiting our website, the GRO Facebook page, and follow us on Twitter for more information.

The Ghost Recon Online Team

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