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The Arctic Pack!

GRO is entering a new frontier! Advance with us on 12 September!

Winter is arriving in Ghost Recon Online. Be prepared to hone your skills in a sub-zero match on the 12th of September because that’s when the Arctic Pack goes live! 

We're releasing a new map, Tomsk-9. Set in a nuclear reprocessing complex deep in the Russian arctic circle. Tomsk-9 is GRO’s largest map, featuring both indoor and outdoor environments. Taking on board the community’s feedback, the map is designed in a symmetrical manner, offering opposing teams a balanced competitive game play flow. 

The Arctic Pack also features awesome new arctic camouflaged body armor, head gear and weapon variants . 

You can't look bad-ass in a biting-cold battle without these gears. So get ready, everyone. GRO is entering a new frontier! 

20120905 - Tomsk Aerial Outdoor

Head on over to the Store and be amongst the first to equip your characters with these special Arctic-edition body armor, head gear and weapons. 

For the first week (September 12-18), three Arctic weapons will be available for a limited time:

20120905 - Arctic Pack_Mk 16 CQC ALP

 20120905- Arctic Pack_L86A1 IW ALP 20120905 - Arctic Pack_P90 SD ALP

Stay tuned for the next three weapons that will be available in-store on September 19! 

20120905 - Tomsk Outdoor

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