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Arctic Pack: Online

The Arctic Pack is now LIVE! Play NOW!

20120912 - News - Arctic Sept 12

The wait is finally over! Join us in exploring the new Arctic Pack - Tomsk-9 map today!

Head on over to the Store and equip your characters with the Arctic-edition body armor, head gear and 3 weapons for a limited time from September 12-18!

In addition, our good friends at Razer are offering 2 exclusive Razer-branded Scopes (Razer Assault 3.5x and Razer M21 1x) to all GRO gamers at only 1RP per scope. These scopes are available for a limited time of 2 weeks! So hurry and get them today!

20120912 - News - Razer Arctic 1

20120912 - News - Razer Arctic 2

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