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Patch Game Updates

Maintenance tomorrow to implement some changes on matchmaking for Patch 8.1.1

Tomorrow morning we will hold a brief maintenance from 6am to 9am CET in order to implement patch

In we have attempted to improve the gameplay experience of new players.  With this update, inexperienced users should be matched more often with other new and lower-skilled gamers. In addition to this, when searching for a match, you won't be matched with people of significantly higher or lower skill than yours unless you're in a Fireteam.  If however you're in a Fireteam, the average skills of members combined will be used.

Highly skilled players will likely experience longer wait times compared to before, with this in mind we have extended the search time from 5 minutes to 15. 

We will monitor this closely and we will gather as much data as we can in order to thoroughly evaluate matchmaking performance. Rest assured that our next update will fine tune matchmaking even further. There will be more exciting changes and improvements we're  planning to roll out in the coming months.

The Ghost Recon Online Team 

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