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RP and Items after the Maintenance

RP Issue and maintenance for some.
We have discovered an issue with certain items in the game and their recycle prices. This occurred after the maintenance last Wednesday (November 7th) and has already been resolved by our technical team. 
However, there are some users who intentionally exploited this problem, while some accounts were affected inadvertently. In order to ensure game balance and stability, we have started to conduct measures to address this. 
We are going through a small correction process where the affected accounts will be restored to their original state. The affected accounts will be temporarily locked for about one week. This means that they cannot play or access their accounts within this period. During this time our team will clean up the accounts and restore them to their unaffected state. We will send an email to inform the people affected and will provide 5000 RP as compensation for the inconvenience.
We are fully aware of the source of the issue, and have fixed it for all future users. We wish to assure you that we're always aiming to provide you a fair and well-balanced gaming experience, and all errors will be swiftly addressed.
For inquiries and concerns, send us your ticket through our Customer Support.

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