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Developer Profile - Jesse Knapp

The evolution of Jesse Knapp! A one page summary.
A game designer's work is most often defined by their life experiences.  Someone who spent hours in their mother's basement attempting to resolve the issues between GI Joe and Cobra - diplomatically may be more inclined to create an RTS (Real Time Strategy) where you can throw money at problems and make them go away.  However, a designer that spent their time ensuring that team GI Joe kicked the living crap out of Cobra , so hard it made his lisp disappear, could perhaps be more inclined to create a first person shooter.  Enter Jesse Knapp, killer of office chickens, connoisseur of dolphins, master juggler and lead designer of the best tactical FPS on the market:

"Born and raised in Southern California, I have traveled and lived in many different places in my life.  In addition to playing and designing games; I particularly enjoy cooking, travelling, reading, diving, debating, and learning.  I hope to visit all 7 continents in my lifetime, although I have only made it to three so far.  I enjoy many kinds of music(with a particular spot in my heart for all things rock), along with the odd movie, museum, play, or concert.

My favourite game right now is Ghost Recon Online, but some others I have greatly enjoyed in recent years are Fallout, Borderlands, Torchlight, Deus Ex, and Dawn of War.  I oftentimes play Closed Betas and Alphas for online games, but can't really talk about those.

I find that almost everything I do to enrich myself in life also helps me as a game designer. Whether learning more about anthropology, biology, economics, psychology, mathematics, or history it all ends up being applicable to game design."

20121112 - Jesse

Jesse Knapp is the Lead Game Designer of Ghost Recon Online. We picked him out for our first developer profile feature. Stay tuned and get to know the rest of the team.

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