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New Limited Edition Items in Store!

Secret unveiled - Antique Weapons in Store now! Just for a limited time!

Let's travel through time and explore the weapons of the civil war! We have two brand new ... oh sorry "antique" weapons for you in the store now:

The deadly Redhawk AE Revolver and the powerful M1014 AE Shotgun.

20122311 - Antique Weapons Week 1

They are both available now for these prices:

  • Redhawk AE: 11.999 RP or 408 GC
  • M1024 AE: 7.800 RP or 720 GC
The Items will be offered until Wednesday, 28th November 6 am (GMT+2) and will no longer be available in the store afterwards!

Two more Antique Weapons coming soon!

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