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Patch Notes 0.9.2

Latest Patch Notes v.0.9.2

Key Changes

  • Christmas Pack - 'Tis the season ... too blow your enemy apart with an appropriately festive grenade!
  • Helmet and Handgun preview in the store

Community feedback changes (we are listening!)

  • Without bringing back unwanted pop-shooting, we have made sniper rifles a bit more comfortable - see details below
  • Adjustment to AR to reduce pop-shooting accuracy
  • Adjustment to make sure CQC LMGs don't outperform SV variants at long range

Christmas Pack

  • We're getting closer to Christmas! In order to deliver a festive feeling in GRO over the Holiday period, we are delivering:
    • A Winter Holidays themed login screen
    • A loot frenzy with exclusive Holiday items and a 50% higher drop rate
    • 2 exclusive Winter Holiday Ornament timed grenades with increased power
    • Holiday Mystery Boxes, containing the new Grenade and Holiday themed armor inserts
    • Winter Holiday events every Saturday, Sunday, and Monday throughout the month of December
    • Avatar holiday bundle
    • Christmas sound effects on when certain devices are deployed

Weapon Tuning

Improved SR performance when out of cover, Rebalanced sniper rifles to improve performance of medium and long barreled variants (part 1) Problems:
  • There have been complaints about the SR’s slow reticle return rates when out of cover/prone. While SRs were not intended for effective use out of cover, they should not be completely useless out of cover/prone either.
  • We are also addressing the problems found with the previous SR fixes. Medium and long barreled sniper rifles had a really slow reticle return rate relative to a short barrel rifle + vertical grip. This made the short barrel variant more effective at long range shooting than the longer barrel variants, which is contrary to the design intentions and is detrimental to gameplay.


  • Increased reticle return rate when SR is out of cover/prone. This makes it easier to aim at a target when out of cover. However, the SR remains less accurate and reticle return is still slower than when the SR is in cover, making cover/prone the preferred play style of the Recon.
  • Slightly improved SR accuracy in iron sight. The previous patch for the SR slightly lowered the SR’s max accuracy. This fix addresses the slight slop in bullet spread, restoring the SR to its intended accuracy level.
  • N.B. The previous fixes are intended to address the problems introduced with the previous patch, and should not be reintroducing pop shooting to the SR. However, they should make the weapon more comfortable to use.

Rebalanced vertical grips to address the problem where CQC weapon variants successfully engage at range better than SV variants, also part 2 of SR fix: 


  • Vertical grips had a reticle return rate buff on them, which was throwing off the performance of multiple weapon systems. They basically made short barrel variants significantly more effective at mid-long range pop shooting than the longer barreled variants, and made it impossible to establish a comfortable middle ground for the sniper fix.


  • Removed reticle return rate buff on vertical grips. This means the reticle will take longer to shrink back to fully accurate than it used to. This change does not affect the max spread on a gun, and will not foul the previous LMG fixes.
  • To compensate for the vertical grip downgrade, the grips now reduce recoil even more than they used to. This improves the controllability of the weapons with grips fitted, and serves to sidegrade the grips.
  • The fix also addresses the problem with SRs whereby only the short barrel + grip configuration was reasonably fast to recover while the other variants were too slow in combat.
  • Removing the return rate buff also reduces the effectiveness of AR pop shooting where shooters need to take slightly longer to be pinpoint on the target. However, the change may not fully address the issue, so we will still be watching.

Bug fix: Fixed M500C weapon ready time so it is no longer negative.
Bug fix: Fixed FS24 flash suppressor’s ready time, increasing it by 0.04 seconds to be in line with other barrel attachments.

Hat and Handgun Previews

  • The user will now be able to preview a hat / helmet as well as a handgun before purchasing it. The experience will be closer to purchasing a primary weapon with a closer zoom on the item.


Stats Format cleanup

  • The players will now enjoy a more coherent set of statistics in GRO. We have re-formatted the units of measurement and also increased the store pop-ups to make them more legible.

Polish Localization

  • GRO is now localized in Polish! The users in Europe can now select the language from our launcher.

"New" tag in Store and "latest items" page

  • We have resolved an issue whereby the "latest items" page in the store was not working as designed. Now the latest items will be properly displayed on this page.
  • Throughout the store, new items will be more easily recognizable via the label "NEW".

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