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Holiday Pack!

The season of giving is finally upon us and we have just the thing to celebrate this with!

The wonderful day of gift giving is upon us! In celebration of this festive holiday we are going to shower the battlefield with Christmas goodies that are sure to blow things (or Ghosts) up... in a very merry way.

Check out what Santa has stocked up in Ghost Recon Online this holiday:

  • Jingle and Jangle Grenades - You will hear tinkling sounds when this grenade is thrown and you'll also hear egg timer sounds just before it explodes. We guarantee a devastatingly joyful blast before your opponents can say "ho ho ho!"
  • Devices - While the Aegis and Blitz devices are active, you'll hear the tune of "Jingle Bells" and "Sleigh Bells" playing.  The Oracle device on the other hand, plays a bell note at each ping when triggered. Christmas caroling in Ghost Recon Online can be so much fun.
  • Mystery Boxes - What you may receive from this bundle of surprises are snowy outfits that are sure to make you play in this holiday's style. Of course there's more, so unwrap a mystery box and find out what other delightful bounty is in it for you to have.

On top of all festive items in the store, we're drawing more fun on the battlefield as we bring back our weekly events! Rewards will be given to those who accomplish challenges that are made available on specific dates. These weekly events will go on until January 2013 so better make sure you won't miss out on the fun.

Last but not the least, we're giving away weekly gifts for everybody! It won't be Christmas if we won't shower our beloved community with presents. In the next couple of weeks, you will receive a 'special something' from us. This is to show you our heartfelt appreciation for your support and for your contribution in making Ghost Recon Online the game it is now.

We've had more than a year of fun, happiness, and surprises and we wish to have more with you all.

Merry Christmas everyone! See you in-game!

The Ghost Recon Online Team

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