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GRO European League

Time to find out what your clan is worth

A new GRO fan-made European League is about to start:

Cool, a competition. But where and how?

On Monday, February 18th, 2013, a new fan-made Ghost Recon Online EU league is starting and YOU can take part in it!

Of course, any European GRO player can participate, it’s free to play! 

Note that although it’s being hosted by a GRO fan site, Ubisoft is sponsoring it and helping it to succeed by giving out prizes. 

Just join the competition and participate in weekly matches of 6 players / team. 

The rules are simple : the more you win, the higher rank you get. 

And the higher rank you get, the better prizes you win!

To summarize, there is some GRO fun for everyone: 

- Compete against enemy clans and win awesome prizes 

- Become the next GRO star and unlock unique avatars 

- Test successful & complex tactics and discover new ones 

- Lead your clan and guide your members to the top 

I can’t wait! How can I play?

Easy, first, you need to download the GRO client.

After that, you've got 2 choices :

1) You already have a clan? 

Get the clan leader to create an account and register to the competition

2) You’re a solo GRO player?
Check out if a clan is recruiting or create your own & recruit teammates!

Once you’re registered, start training and get ready for the competition to begin, on February 18th.

Each week, your clan will face several enemy teams which you will have to defeat. 

After each match, the result impacts your rank in the leaderboards: victory (6 points), draw (3 points) or defeats (1 point). 

Every Monday, the final weekly results are published and the prizes awarded. 

Here are the detailed rules of the competition prepared by the fansite.

Nice! But what can I win? 

First, you win the respect of the community by showing what your clan is truly worth!

And if you play for a long time, consistent results will show that your clan is here to stay. 

Secondly, Ubisoft is giving away prizes to each participant. So even if you’re last, you’re still getting something! 

Check out the prizes we've prepared for you

Prizes of the Ghost Recon Online European League

Here are some details for each prize:

GC & RP: in-game credits that are directly applied to the Uplay accounts of the 6 most active players of the team. 

Slots reserved for LAN: whenever Ubisoft organizes a competition event somewhere in Europe, be sure that some slots will be reserved for your team.
The slots are only booked for a specific amount of time and if you don’t use it, another team can take it. 

Also, Ubisoft doesn’t pay the trip and the hotel. It’s only a 'reservation' for a live event where teams are invited to participate.

GRO golden ticket: This ticket gives you 1 chance to win an awesome prize when the league ends: 1 GRO golden ticket holder will be selected randomly and obtain this surprise loot, which remains to be uncovered. Obviously, the more tickets you have, the more chances you get to be selected and win this awesome item! 

Avatars: Exclusive avatars that will be added to the game with the next major patch and that can only be won through GRO competitions, like the EU League.

Arrow up: The 1st and 2nd team move up to the upper division (for example: this week, you’re first of the 2nd division -> next week, you’re moving to the 1st division)

Arrow down: The 9th and 10th team move down to the division below (for example: this week, you’re last of the 2nd division -> next week, you’re moving to the 3rd division) 

So, are you ready to compete? 

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