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Patch Notes 0.10.1

List of upcoming patch fixes and updates!
Key Changes
  • Draft Teammates! Earn great rewards by recruiting your friends from social networks.
  • Major GRO pricing re-balancing (weapons and armor inserts more accessible, among other changes).

Draft Teammates
  • You can invite someone on the GRO website who doesn’t yet have a GRO persona.
  • Generate a Referral Link to share on the internet, or post it on Facebook or Twitter.
  • Anyone who clicks on the URL and logs in to the game is an invitee.
  • Invitee will receive 500 RP for accepting a referral invite on first login.
  • Referrer will be informed of any new invitee every time he logs in to the game in the ‘REFER A FRIEND’ session in HOME.
  • Referrer will be automatically added into invitee's friends list in game.
  • Referrer will get referral rewards based on the number of invitee's reaching level 5 or above. 
  • Please refer to the referral table for detail reward tiers and contents. For example:
    • If 5 invitees reach level 5, the referrer will get 500 GC, a mystery box, and an exclusive avatar.
    • If 100 invitees reach level 5, the referrer will get bundle items worth 50 US$, a mystery box, and an exclusive avatar.

GRO Price Restructuring
  • Weapons
    • GC prices of high end weapons have been drastically reduced. For example, level 30 standard variants now cost 3599 GC.
    • All Primary weapons now cost the same per tier, across all classes. This will make it easier for players to make a purchase decision. 
  • Armor & Armor Inserts
    • We want inserts to be more affordable and convenient, so players can roll with them regularly:
  1. Bronze Inserts previously cost 75 RP for 3000 Durability, now they will cost 100 RP for 15000 Durability
  • Mark II Armor prices have been decreased, while Mk III and IV prices have been increased.
  • Device price rebalancing
    • Mark I squad support much cheaper (and Mark II more expensive). We want to encourage every player to at least purchase Mark I squad support.
    • Mark II devices cheaper, Mark III more expensive.
    • Device inserts more expensive.

  • Fixed the overtime countdown sound to play only in the last 30 seconds of the timer.

Bug Fixes 
  • Fixed an exploit where it was possible to reduce recoil by alternately spamming the left/right mouse buttons.
  • Fixed a bug where AEGIS would sometimes appear as transparent to the Specialist using it when in prone stance.
  • Recon Cloak now loses some power upon death (a bug was preventing this from happening).
  • Fixed bug that occurs if the user selects ironsight to toggle mode, and then throws a grenade with right mouse button, character could stay in "aiming mode" (and another bug that could cause player throwing the grenade from cover to be stuck out of cover).

Other Changes
  • Matchmaking map weighting set to even probability of selection for all maps.
Known Issues
  • Players will receive an error if they have only one slot left in their inventory and they attempt to purchase an item from the Store. They may not receive the item either in their inventory or their inbox. This is known issue that the development team is investigating. If you believe it has happened to you please submit a support ticket.

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