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Dev Chat with Adrian Blunt (Part 3)

More questions are answered by our GRO Producer.

Here's the Part 3 of our GRO Dev Chat with Adrian.

Below are the questions that were asked in this video:

  • Are you planning on expanding servers?
  • Will there be support for AMD Radeon HD users and can you fix some lag to the audio?
  • Is there a hardcoded 60 FPS limit in the engine? Even with v-sync off, I never get more than 60 FPS
  • Will custom skins for the UI be made available (e.g. 'classic mode' for CB look; 'normal' for the current one) and will we be able to customize the internal UI individually?
  • Will you fix lag caused lag-shots?
  • Weapon flinch is still a large issue which concerns many players. What do you do to resolve this problem?
  • Will there be an advanced graphical option menu?
  • Will we be able to test the weapons in the future before buying them?
  • Would it be possible to add stacks of magnum ammo?

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