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Community Hangout

It's on today!

Today we shall be hosting our very first community European Community Hangout!

All four CM's for the European region will be present and playing with or against you. You can either try to play with us (we will create a fireteam at random), or join is on


We would like suggest for you to be on your toes if you are following us on twitch and to retain as much knowledge of Ghost Recon Online in order to answer some game/community related questions to which we will be giving out prizes. Even if you do not manage to answer any question correctly or quickly enough, you will have a chance to win RP/XP boosts at random, so don't miss out!

Also, join us on the Forums for an additional chance to win a Model 10a SP TAN or Sentinel SR-1 SV TAN + Fiveseven TAN!

In addition, we would like to inform you that you should access our Facebook page at 19h00 CET... wink wink

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