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Sellback and Boosts

Important changes in our upcoming patch

Everybody is looking forward to our 11.0 update, but before you brace yourself for the exciting features, loosen your grip a bit on on that armchair and relax because there are some information you need to be aware about the upcoming patch.


You may notice that we recently changed a few things in our in-game economy. This is an effort to develop the ideal balance in monetization over the longrun. One of the biggest adjustments we're making in 11.0 is reducing the sellback prices of items to 5%. We're aware that this is a huge drop and we know how you will feel about it. We understand your pain. However, we have a good reason for doing this and our Lead Game Designer, Jesse Knapp explains it best:

The Firing Range is a place in the game that will allow you to test any configuration of your equipment to evaluate its general desireability for free. The scrapyard concept on the other hand, was intended to be something that would lessen the blow of deleting an item by providing spare change in return. We would much rather you keep your stuff so that you would have more choice and flexibility to play the game. We never wanted the players to get into a situation where for example,  they'll sell all their items for a level 30 weapon that didn't perform to their expectation. We intentionally built the scrapyard in a way to try to make life a little bit better for the player before the Firing Range feature was available.

XP and RP boosts

We recently removed boosts from the item shop because we will release new ones in Patch 11.0. The goal is to make sure that everyone uses up all their boosts by the time we apply the new ones to prevent compatibility issues.

These significant changes are coming soon and we want you to be aware of them. We wish to remain transparent to help you better understand the importance of these changes as we improve your gameplay experience.

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