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Game Update 0.11.0

New map, new pack, Firing Range, Field Testing, Mystery boxes and much, much more


Game update 0.11.0 is here! Behold the awesome new map, Attica Heights, try on the new Omega Pack for size, test new guns in the Firing Range and give the Mystery boxes a whirl.

Attica Heights is the second map designed for the Holdout game mode, but the first to have a dual-level design where you'll fight both on and above the point. One new map not enough? Try out prototype maps with your clan in Project Topos: Beta Map Testing.

Be one of the first to get the Omega Pack as a new bundle – individual items will follow or check out the Omega Crate and Avatar bundle today.

Don't forget to check out all the bug fixes, stat tweaks and a list of known issues in the 0.11.0 patch notes or our shiny new trailer:

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