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Patch Notes 0.11.1

Patch Notes v.0.11.1
Patch Notes 0.11.1

  • Increased chance of getting loot, which now comes in 3 different quality levels of "Battle Salvage"  
  • New mystery box "Military Supply Surplus" guarantees to give an item equal to or more than its cost
  • New starter bundle and standard bundles
  • Fixed the elbow glitch while in prone
  • Increased chance of receiving loot at the end of the round
  • Old loot boxes (Common, Rare, Legendary) have been replaced by 3 different quality levels of "Battle Salvage"
  • Battle Salvage contains grenades, special ammo, armor inserts, weapon attachments, and device attachments
  • Players can purchase Battle Salvage from the store under the "Mystery Box" category
  • These boxes are guaranteed to contain items of equal or greater value than the price of the box

New mystery box that gives a permanent item of equal or greater value than the mystery box price. The box is designed for players who like to be certain about the value that they receive.The box also has a high chance of dropping any of the previously released camo-themed unique items.


Reduced Blackout Radius

Problem: Blackout’s radius enables players to knock out devices across the entire capture point. A good example is a single player charging in and Blackout bombing point C on Tomsk. This is a problem because the execution of the move is still fairly simple even without teamwork and can still devastate an enemy team’s chance of taking the point.

Solution: To make it more challenging for the player to get the entire point, the base Blackout radius has been reduced by 1m from 14m to 13m. This will make it harder to reach the edges of the point, which creates safe zones for players.

Fixed Magnum Ammo Recoil

Problem: Using Magnum ammo is a straight forward upgrade on a weapon’s effectiveness, which makes it a pay to win element. With no drawbacks to slow them, a player fully stocked with Magnum ammo is effectively deadlier in battle than a player who’s unable to keep up a supply of magnum ammo. When the special ammo was created, it was designed to have a recoil increase as a balance, which is in line with how real +P ammunition increases recoil due to its increased propellant charge.

Solution: Magnum ammo now increases recoil by 10% when firing, reducing its accuracy at longer ranges. Moving forward, consumables will have different tradeoffs for using them. The direction is intended to encourage fair play, where the use of consumables is a tactical choice with the accompanying consequences.

Reduced Silencer And Sniper Scope Ready Times

Problem: With the reduction of Fixed Stock and Vertical Grip ready time effects to 0.1 sec and -0.1 respectively, the Silencers and some Sniper Scopes stand out as increasing ready times by over 0.1 sec. This makes the gameplay inconsistent as they should not have a greater effect than the Stocks and Grips.

Solution: The ready time effects of Silencers and Sniper Scopes has been capped at 0.1 sec, representing a reduction of ready time on the Silencers, 3-9x Sniper and 2.5-12x Sniper scopes.

6P41 Iron sight Polish

Problem: The view for the 6P41 iron sight  was not standardized across the models and thus had different iron sight view. This looks quite unusual and needed to be rectified.

Solution: The 6P41 iron sight image has been standardized to be more similar to one another.

9mm Ammo Critical hit Increase

Problem: The guns using the 9mm ammo type were hit especially hard by the recent tweaks and are less effective at tackling better armored opponents at the higher levels. This makes the game feel like an excessive amount of bullets are needed to take down an opponent, which is not fun.

Solution: Increased the min/max critical hits of the relevant guns by 5%, making them get more critical hits in general. The critical hit rate was chosen over damage to avoid a situation where the small damage increases are completely negated by the armor. Moreover, it is intended to create the feeling of 9mm guns having less predictable damage output, but causing significant damage when they hits the right spot (a very crude abstraction of how 9mm ammo is often stopped cold by military grade armor, but does penetrate from time to time). This will also stack with the increased headshot multiplier of SMGs to deliver punishing headshots.

Affected weapon families:
  • P250
  • TR-1
  • As-Val
  • MP5
  • MP9
  • OC14
  • PP2000
  • PP-19
Shell Ejection Polish

Problem: Some guns are meant to eject shells downwards, but were ejecting to the side instead. Additionally, revolvers should not be ejecting shells but the Redhawk does. This is an authenticity issue.

Solution: The F2000 and P90 shell ejection angles have been adjusted to point straight downwards, as is typical of the gun in real life. The Redhawk has been temporarily adjusted to eject downwards to reduce the visual impact of the ejection. The full fix will come later, when shell ejections are disabled on the relevant guns.

  • New value for money starter bundle for each class, which contains level 1 equipment
  • New value for money standard bundle for each class, which contains level 5-17 equipment
  • Improved the loading algorithm in general
  • Reduced stalling while playing in-game
  • New version of the "Bazaar" beta map
  • Updated lighting for the "City" beta map
  • Fixed invisible wall at point A of Korolyov Towers
  • Polished the animation for the transition from sliding to stand
  • Fixed the blurred scoreboard when player is affected by HEAT as the round ends
  • Adjusted Oracle to make enemies scanned now appear on the mini-map
  • Reduced the sight advantage of players on higher ground over players at lower elevations by tweaking the standing iron sight camera position
  • Corrected the silencer description to include hiding weapon tracers
  • Corrected the bipod description to include reduction of sway while in cover
  • Corrected the vertical grip description to include reduction of sway while in the open
  • Reset the depth of field blur when exiting the firing range
  • Fixed the elbow glitch while in prone

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