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Athena Council

Leadership. Honor. Fellowship.

An elite squad of Developers and selected few players that is organized to provide a platform for interaction, constructive feedback and for fostering a closer relationship with the community.


What is the Athena Council?


  1. Provide a venue for two-way communication
    between the GRP team and players
  2. Give Recognition to players who have become a positive part of GRP's community
  3. Provide a more organized process for community
    contribution to the development of GRP
  4. Promote the positive community values of:
    teamwork, excellence, leadership, sportsmanship
    and loyalty


What's in it for you?

  • Dev Matches
  • Dev Chats
  • Dev Forums
  • Help new Players
  • Stream and participate
    in community activities
  • Special Avatars and title of "Council Member"


How do you sign up?


- Active game participation (plays more than 5 hours a week)
- Clean record (no bans, infractions)
- History of providing constructive feedback
- Reputation for helping others in the forums

- Fluent in English (for facilitating the feedback process as our developers are English-speaking)


- Write a two-paragraph-minimum description in English about why you think you should be on the Athena Council


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