Join a community of millions and become an active member in forum discussions which have helped make Ghost Recon Phantoms what it is today. Communicate with fellow gamers and developers on our social channels to make your own contribution to the game.


The ATHENA Council is an elite squad of select players and developers organized as a platform for interaction, constructive feedback and fostering a closer relationship with the community. Council members are selected by a strict application process and developer approval. All members take part in special monthly chats, live-streamed events and private council forums to better understand the needs of the community and to help shape the future of GRP.


The GRP homepage is a great place to get the latest info on updates, new features, community events, special promotions and more. Find out what’s important to your fellow Ghosts in the forums and become an active member.


Every month the community team hosts various events where you can compete with your friends in challenges or contribute your ideas and videos to user-generated contests. Join community hangout nights for live game streams, fun chats and great prizes.


With hundreds of clans out there the competitive scene is constantly growing and changing. GRP is proud to sponsor official tournaments with groups such as the ESL – Electronic Sports League and player-hosted tournaments of all sizes. Keep an eye out for the occasional friendly competition against the developers too.