Ghost Recon Phantoms features three unique classes of soldier: Assault, Recon and Support. Each class has access to its own combination of weapons and technological devices with a strategic role to play.


Suppress the enemy to allow your squad to advance or muscle your way through hardened enemy positions


Gather intelligence, use stealth to outsmart the enemy and protect your team


Master electronic warfare to disrupt the enemy team, while packing serious firepower

Using Cover

In addition to protecting you from incoming rounds, cover improves your accuracy, reduces recoil, and increases your health-regeneration rate. Press [SPACE] to enter or slide into cover.

Your HUD will alert you when an object on the map can be used for protection. While in cover, you can change stances, peek around the sides or top to view the battlefield and even lean around to target an enemy on the opposite side.


Capturing control points is the true objective of any GRP match. The team that coordinates best and fights as a unit is the victor. Every map features 1-5 control points which represent the objectives of the mission. A control point is captured over time by the team with the most players within the capture zone; the more players on the point, the faster it will be captured. Accumulating points for kills won’t win games – only capturing points will.


Teamwork is the essence of GRP, but there are many different types of teamwork: From the satisfying precision of a well-coordinated strike, to the adrenaline rush of point defense. GRP features three game modes – each with unique objectives and challenges. Each map has a specific game mode and each game mode requires teamwork to succeed.


Both teams attempt to capture and hold a series of five strategic points across the battlefield. The team with the most captures at the end of the match wins.


The attacking team attempts to take three capture points from the defenders. Defenders cannot reclaim lost ground. At the end of the round the teams swap sides and begin again.


Two teams rush a single capture point to see who can maintain control until the end of the round. Victory goes to the team who holds the point for two out of three rounds.


Ghosts deploy cutting-edge technology to secure a strategic advantage on the battlefield. Each class has two unique, upgradeable devices which fill specific roles for the team.


Knock down your enemies with intense speed and the blunt force of your combat shield, which also provides passive protection


Detect enemy units across the battlefield and temporarily reveal their location to your teammates; even through walls

APS - Active Protection System

Deploy an advanced projectile deflecting system, capable of deflecting bullets for you and any teammates within the protective sphere

ADS – Active Denial System

Suppress your enemies with microwaves which cause damage over time and prevent them from using their weapons


Blend into your surroundings with active camouflage and render yourself nearly invisible


Disrupt your enemies with an EMP blast that not only depletes enemy devices, but also briefly disorients them


Being part of a team includes providing technological superiority to your squad. Squad Supports are secondary devices that provide passive benefits to you and nearby teammates, with additional benefits for members of your Tactical Team.


Increase your capacity to withstand enemy fire for you and nearby teammates


Locate enemies within the vicinity when they fire their weapons and highlight them for your team


Keep your team’s guns firing longer with more bullets for you and nearby allies


Speed up your health regeneration even away from cover and help nearby teammates heal faster


Identify moving enemy targets within short distances, even through walls and highlight them for your team


Charge your own device and those of nearby teammates faster to maximize the effectiveness of your team


Team play is essential to Ghost Recon Phantoms victory and there is no greater teamwork than between those united under a common banner and purpose; A clan. With dedication, skill and the will to win, a clan can leave a lasting legacy.


Once you reach level 10, you have the ability to create your own clan, which includes your own clan name, tag and crest. After establishing your clan you can invite your friends or other players online and assign them ranks – Commander, Officer, or Soldier.


In order to join an existing clan you’ll need to receive an invitation from a clan Officer or the clan Commander. Clans are often looking for new members in public matches. If you enjoy playing with members of a particular clan you can whisper to them and ask if they’re recruiting new members. Clan invitations will appear as a popup similar to fireteam invites.


Clan matches are the highest level of Ghost Recon Phantom gameplay. Any member of the clan is able to challenge any member of another clan to clan match, but each clan will require an agreed number of members to compete. Organizing a clan match often takes planning in advance to make sure that each side has sufficient clan members ready and to select which map you wish to play.

Should you get disconnected or quit a clan match, you are allowed to re-join the same match so long as it hasn’t ended. Bear in mind that in doing so your score will be reset to zero upon returning.